Author Topic: Preston and Child fans....Is "Wheel of Darkness" worth it?  (Read 1041 times)

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I've been a fan of the books of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child....the Agent Pendergast books especially.

Until the "Dance of Death"/"The Book of the Dead" story arc.  They were like the literary equivilant of "jump the shark", IMHO.

Pendergast had always been a mystery in and of himself.  A solitary, autonomous FBI agent and profiler from a New Orleans family with Old Money....chauferred in a Rolls Royce, living in the Dakota, with the most wonderful, eccentric contacts....and a tragic, shrouded past.  But those two books answered all those questions...some of the answers made sense but the "how" of it didn't.

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(don't read unless you've finished "The Book of the Dead")

They also bogged Pendergast down with a lot of new and unnecessary people in his life.

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(same as above)

I decided to wait for the paperback of "The Wheel of Darkness" and now I see that it's coming out mid June.

So, any fans out there who took the plunge and have read the book?   Without giving things away, is it like old times or more like the last two books?