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Oh, and I got two more bonus MST3k eps: Hercules Unchained and Girl in Gold Boots!

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iRiffs / Re: Group Serial Project: The Great Alaskan Mystery!
« Last post by Darth Geek on Today at 06:27:44 PM »
I contacted Scott Zee on Facebook to see if he wanted to be involved. We'll see if he responds.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 / Re: MST3K - Season 11 and Kickstarter Info
« Last post by k1 on Today at 05:43:44 PM »
I got one short. Already had everything else.
General (Off-Topic) Discussion / Re: Completely Random Thoughts
« Last post by d00hickey on Today at 05:37:16 PM »
Just watched the new Rifftrax and was suprised to see it was filmed in Murphys right near my house. I was just at the Murphys Hotel, which is prominently featured in the movie.
Even if we don't get the last few stuff, it won't be a total loss. We will finally find out what the mystery show Bill Corbett was talking about. Oooooh, I am anxious to know what it is!!!
Day of the Animals / Day of the Learning!
« Last post by Trekker4747 on Today at 04:14:50 PM »
What did you learn about stock animal footage this time around?

Most of all, I learned that humans aren't animals and thus aren't impacted by single-day Ozone Layer events causing all animals to go nuts.
Movie Talk / Re: Mission: Impossible 6
« Last post by Darth Geek on Today at 03:54:31 PM »
I liked the third one, and Ghost Protocol was fantastic. Still haven't seen the fifth one, but I hear nothing but good things about it. It's just funny to me that this series is even still in theaters, since after the trainwreck of the second one you'd think that it would have at best become a direct to video series after that.
UHF is utterly brilliant. And while I understand it getting lost in the wave of bigger movies that summer, the terrible critical reviews of t baffle me. It's humor is really goofy and juvenile, but who wouldn't expect that in a movie starring Weird Al?!
Day of the Animals / Re: Now Available - Day of the Animals
« Last post by Edward J Grug III on Today at 02:57:31 PM »
Incredible! The description gives me high hopes for this one!
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