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Earthworm Jim

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Through Soil He Did Crawl

First Appearance
Earthworm Jim (August, 1994)

Handbook to Who's Who Earthworm Jim was once a mirror earthworm until a supersuit fell from the sky onto him.  From then on, he gained intelligence (relatively speaking) and access to all of the powers of the supersuit (as well as a futuristic gun).  Soon he found himself on a mission to save Princess Whatshername from the sinister Queen Slugforabutt, as well as to defeat a number of strange villains in even stranger locales.

Powers/Skills/Abilities/Etc. Super suit.  Cool gun.  Manta shield.

What Does He Represent Wackiness.  And marketability.  Please see the trivia section for that.

Great Stories/Moments The first two games are pretty damned solid.

Doofiest Moment
Um... don't touch Earthworm Jim 3D.

Trivia Me This, Caped Crusaders! Earthworm Jim was actually created when the creator, Doug TenNapel, was approached with the idea of a toy line based with a video game tie in rather than a cartoon show.  Though there was a toy line, it was largely ignored in favour of the video game and the cartoon series that followed it.
Video Games / Re: General Game News
« Last post by k1 on Today at 03:52:12 AM »
That sucks. I started playing it on PS4 but things got crazy and it's been a few weeks. I was going to grab Hawk Guy. But if it's going to the random lockbox....
Mystery Science Theater 3000 / Re: MST3K Funko toys!
« Last post by Iron Curtain on Today at 03:31:43 AM »
I'd like to offer an update: The Tom Servo and Crow Funko Pop figurines are now available to preorder at Gamestop!

Do you have a link to it? It wasn't coming up on a search.
Yeah, I tried searching for it too. Just to see if it had a release date.

BTW, when I went to my local Gamestop to ask for a release date, they said "October 1". So that should mean sometime around September.

[NOTE: last two pics from Tumblr 'All Cute, All the Time' page, HERE.]

For fox sake, would you look at how gorgeous this beast is?
General (Off-Topic) Discussion / Re: It's Time For GIFtrax!
« Last post by LucasM on Today at 03:20:38 AM »

Makes sense: with legs that short, it'd be easier to hop than try to step.
I voted for a Hawkeye...

I like Clint, but Kate's my fave (actually I liked them best when they teamed up in the Matt Fraction book) Loved her in Young Avengers and her current solo book is great fun. I doubt she'll make the final 50, not ahead of Clint.
Video Games / Re: Video Game Bargain Thread
« Last post by Compound on Today at 01:01:49 AM »
Okay, how about this. Want something from the Steam Sale? Have Amazon credit? Check at Amazon and their downloadable store as they've matched many Steam Sale prices for the larger games. And many of these titles just provide you with a Steam key anyway, so the major change is who you're giving your money to,
Video Games / Re: General Game News
« Last post by Compound on Today at 12:56:28 AM »
FYI- for those who play Marvel Heroes. Yeah, changes going on. First up, all the Fantastic Four characters in the game are going away. Johnny, Sue, Reed, Thing and the Surfer gone along with all associated costumes. You could buy them with in-game currency until the 28th, but the news leaked after that deadline. The heroes and costumes can still be bought until 6/30. After that, if you have them in game, you can still use them but nothing for them will appear in the store. Doctor Doom is unaffected by this, for some reason, aside from his FF costume. The current explanation is allegedly some legal dispute between Marvel and Fox. This isn't likely since the other Fox properties aren't being touched, and Doom is still in the game. In fact Fox properties just got added to Marvel Future Fight for the first time. So it's likely Disney throwing another tantrum. Again. But if interested, better buy them now while you can. Oh, and the FF characters aren't ever coming to the console versions. On that note....

Also this week from Marvel Heroes, they've said that you'll no longer be able to directly buy heroes or costumes in the console versions. The reason stated is "the previous a la carte model simply wasn’t sustainable in the longer term" so they're going to the completely random lockbox model instead. Folks are not pleased. They have not announced that this change is coming to the PC version. Yet.

Do you spend a ton of time masking? I would think that brushwork would be more time-efficient?

Masking does take a while, but it gives nice clean corners that are hard to get brushing on paint.  Of course if you mess up and spray too much paint with the airbrush you end up with the same problem, paint flowing between pieces of masking tape.  If done correctly each layer from the airbrush is dry about as soon as it hits the surface, no liquid to flow.

Arrrrggggg, I noticed in the pictures the landing gear pods were put on wrong, I double checked them and still grabbed the wrong ones when gluing.  So, had to slice off one of those half sphere things on the pod on the back end, and add one to the pod on the front.  Luckily there are several extras of those on the sprues, and the one I cut off came off really clean so only a little sanding needed.
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