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Writers of the future xxi (Read this even if you hate LRH)
« on: December 30, 2007, 05:08:59 AM »
I was at my local Dollar General store a couple days ago and saw they had a fresh load of books on their dollar rack. I've gotten some good reading there, like the SF&F collection "Red Shift" earlier this year. (Get that one if you see it cheap.)

Anyway, I saw some L. Ron Hubbard "SF novels" and avoided them like the plague, having read "Battlefield earth" and having TRIED to read one of his "Invasion earth" tetrology.

There was another book with the dreaded LRH name on it, but it was his "Writers of the future" collection, volume XXI.

Oh well, for 1$ and tax I opted to go for it, figuring there might be one good story in it. (Red shift had been a collection with a couple goodies in it.)

Man, was I in for a pleasant surprise when I got home. WotF XXI had not 1, not 2, not 3 but several good stories in it, and a mixed bag of them to boot.

"In the flue" was the first story, a short, fairly hard SF story set in Israel maybe 50 or so years from now. It was a fair effort at a hard SF story, technically plausible, and made good use of a fairly new technology dealing with the "solar flue" generator concept.

Another good story was a fantasy set in Hell, and how Harry Houdini planned to make his greatest escape.

"Meet the sculptor" was a very good soft SF story dealing with time travel, and the price that might have to be paid to correct a terrible mistake, and that some people might be willing to do so if offered the chance by a "sculptor" who seeks to remold ugly timelines into more aesthetic ones, or at least make it possible for the people involved to do so.

In another story a young Einstein (No, no connection to a ghawdawful comedy best forgotten along with it's creator, thank god) is confronted by his older self. Anyone who likes/respects Saint Albert ought to like it.

I didn't like all the stories in it, some of the fantasy stuff didn't appeal, but some, like the alternate earth where the Cathar church imprisons "dangerous" souls in glass beads were worth reading.

All in all, WotF is worth it's cover price. If you can get it for a dollar at an outlet/dollar store, it's a steal. Don't let yourself be put off by the dreaded LRH title, the stories have nothing to do with his work or scientology...
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