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Re: Bad Movies
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2006, 12:46:30 PM »
I've enjoyed many a bad movie, even before I discovered MST, but one I got absolutely no fun out of was Sexy Beast, starring the great Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley as the most irritating man on Earth. We rented it on the strength of its many positive reviews and a general enjoyment of British gangster flicks, but man. Unwatchable. Three of us were watching it in my buddy's dorm room, and halfway through we got distracted watching someone repeatedly fail at trying to parallel park outside the window. The only thing that got us through was the hope that Ben Kingsley would die at the end, and he did.

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Re: Bad Movies
« Reply #16 on: September 24, 2006, 01:44:56 PM »
If you guys like buying Costco-like quantities of bad movies go to and you can get 50 movie sets of dvds for about $12-20. Quite a few of the titles are mst3k episodes minus the mst3k.
Here's my recommendations...
Sci-Fi Classics - $12.97
Horror Classics - $12.97
Chills 50 Movie Pack - $12.97
Drive-In Movie Classics - $14.97
Horrible, horrible movies. Galaxy Invader on the Sci-Fi pack I think is my favorite of the horrible movies. You might also notice that they use clips from Galaxy Invader in the opening credits of the movie Pod People, 4 realz.

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Re: Bad Movies
« Reply #17 on: September 25, 2006, 08:01:34 AM »
I have one particular bad movie that I have forced everyone in my family to watch and end up forcing all my friends to watch at some point or another: Psychos in Love.

It is very rare, the only DVD release was in Germany but it's on VHS over here (where I first saw it in the late 80s) Seek it out, watch it , love it.  It is one of those so bad it's funny and good ones.
*edit* it IS an American film, I guess Germany loves this film or something. Richard Band's company owns the American rights and has not yet issued a DVD of it yet. They did release DVDs of it's two "sequels"  Galactic Gigilo (sp) and Cemetery High.  Both of those movies are great as well (Gigilo especially) and are avaliable at Full Moon Entertainment. No, I am not trying to spam for them, just letting you know where to get them if you wish.

btw  I have the German DVD autographed by the Director and the star and have spoke to both via email over the years. My brush with greatness.
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