Author Topic: With an All-Star Cast - Now Available!  (Read 602 times)

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With an All-Star Cast - Now Available!
« on: January 08, 2016, 11:04:03 PM »

The title of our new short, With An All-Star Cast, could describe all kinds of movies. Ocean’s Eleven, Love Actually, Cannonball Run, and however many of those Expendables things they’re gonna throw at us. But there are stars bigger than any of the meatheads, smooth talkers, and leading ladies you’ll find in those films, stars who shine so bright all the world can see them, smell them, even taste them. The name of these true stars?


Yes that’s right, meats, in all their vaguely pink 1950s splendor, come to life on the silver screen! It’s an amazing film-within-a-film that puts Sunset Blvd to shame (only because Sunset Blvd was sorely lacking in five-pound pork chops). A male actor fails to cook properly on the set of a cooking short, so naturally the filmmakers trick a woman into doing his job for him! Yeah, like we said, it’s the 50s.

Strap on your bib, crack the seal on a new bottle of barbecue sauce, and get ready to roast and broil the greatest stars of all: With An All-Star Cast!