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The 2015 Fall Preview Thread
« on: September 15, 2015, 07:33:07 AM »
Summer is over. The handful of summer series you either watched live or binged watched on DVR are coming to an end. Soon we will all be slammed by the fall TV schedule when nearly everything is on at once. Old shows return, hit mid-season fill-ins get full second seasons, and a slew of brand new shows debut. Over the past few weeks you have seen the commercials pitching the brand new shows, many which you are interested in. And you are waiting to reunite with your favorite shows from last season that ended in a cliffhanger. Now is the time to decide what gets watched live, what goes on the DVR, and which new shows you are going to have to pass on, and old shows you want to give up on.


New shows are shown in blue. Programs moved from last year's time slot are in red. When more than one show shares the same hour they appear this way: 1st Half Hour Show / 2nd Half Hour Show. NOTE: In lieu of a final season, CBS is bringing CSI back for a single series finale episode to air as a 2 hour movie on Sunday, September 27th.

7:00 ABC America's Funniest Home Videos
7:00 CBS 60 Minutes
7:00 FOX Last Quarter of Football Game / Bobs Burgers
7:00 NBC Football

8:00 ABC Once Upon a Time
8:00 CBS Madam Secretary
8:00  FOX The Simpsons / Brooklyn Nine~Nine
8:00  NBC Football ( cont. )

9:00 ABC Blood and Oil
9:00 CBS The Good Wife
9:00 FOX  Family Guy / The Last Man on Earth
9:00 NBC Football ( cont. )

10:00 ABC  Quantico
10:00 CBS  CSI: Cyber
10:00 NBC Football ( cont. )

8:00 ABC Dancing with the Stars
8:00 CBS Big Bang TheoryLife in Pieces [ Until November when Supergirl takes over time slot ]
8:00 CW  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
8:00 FOX Gotham
8:00 NBC The Voice

9:00 ABC Dancing with the Stars ( cont. )
9:00 CBS Scorpion
9:00 CW Jane the Virgin
9:00 FOX Minority Report
9:00 NBC The Voice ( cont. )

10:00 ABC Castle
10:00 CBS NCIS: Los Angeles
10:00 NBC Blindspot

8:00 ABC The Muppets / Fresh Off the Boat
8:00 CW The Flash
8:00 FOX GrandfatheredThe Grinder
8:00 NBC The Voice [ initially the audition rounds, but later to be the 1 hr results show ]

9:00 ABC Marvel's Agents of Shield
9:00 CBS NCIS New Orleans
9:00 CW i Zombie
9:00 FOX Scream Queens
9:00 NBC The Voice ( cont. ) [ time slot to be taken by Chicago Med in November ]

10:00 ABC Beyond the Tank [ time slot to be taken by Wicked City in late October ]
10:00 CBS Limitless
10:00 NBC Best Time Ever w/ Neil Patrick Harris [ Chicago Fire will resume this time slot in October ]

8:00 ABC The MiddleThe Goldbergs
8:00 CBS Survivor
8:00 CW  Arrow
8:00 FOX Rosewood
8:00 NBC Mysteries of Laura

9:00 ABC Modern Family / Black-ish
9:00 CBS Criminal Minds
9:00  CW Supernatural
9:00 FOX Empire
9:00 NBC Law & Order: SVU

10:00 ABC Nashville
10:00 CBS Code Black
10:00 NBC Chicago P.D.

8:00 ABC Greys Anatomy
8:00 CBS Football  [ In November Big Bang Theory / Life in Pieces takes over time slot ]
8:00 CW The Vampire Diaries
8:00 FOX Bones
8:00 NBC Heroes Reborn

9:00 ABC Scandal
9:00 CBS Football ( cont. ) [ In November Mom / Angel from Hell takes over time slot ]
9:00 CW The Originals
9:00 FOX Sleepy Hollow
9:00 NBC The Blacklist

10:00 ABC How To Get Away With Murder
10:00 CBS Football ( cont. ) [ In November Elementary takes over time slot ]
10:00 NBC The Player

8:00 ABC Last Man Standing / Dr Ken
8:00 CBS The Amazing Race
8:00 CW Reign
8:00 FOX Masterchef Junior
8:00 NBC Undatable / Truth Be Told

9:00 ABC Shark Tank
9:00 CBS Hawaii Five 0
9:00 CW America's Top Model
9:00 FOX World's Funniest
9:00 NBC Grimm

10:00 ABC 20/20
10:00 CBS Blue Bloods
10:00 NBC Dateline

Nothing but those crime shows, college football, and an edited 1hr SNL episode.

A quick guide to the new network shows

Blood and Oil [ Sundays ABC ]
Prime time soap opera about a North Dakota oil boom town with Don Johnson as a  J.R. type character. The perfect setting for characters getting rich on oil strikes while screwing each others wives.

Quantico [ Sundays ABC ]
Terrorist set of a bomb that destroys Grand Central Station and leaves a huge crater in the center of Manhattan. The FBI find evidence the attack was carried out by a fellow FBI agent. Their chief suspect, a female agent ( Priyanka Chopra ) who was found among the rubble. But did she do it? And if not, can she prove her innocence? Another one of those series with ample flashbacks that gradually fills in a back story, which all takes place at the FBI training academy at Quantico, where the FBI believe the terrorist came from. 

Life in Pieces [ Mondays and later Thursdays CBS ]
A half hour comedy that, based on the promotion, seems to be another doppelganger of Arrested Development, but could also be a doppelganger of Modern Family.

Supergirl [ Mondays CBS ]
The fourth installment of the DC shared television universe which includes Arrow, The Flash and Constantine ( which was cancelled by NBC, but whos characters are possibly going to end up on Arrow ). No need explaining who Supergirl is. But the series does raise larger questions. Will there be an acknowledgement that a Superman exists, or will this be a version of the Supergirl story where Kal El never came to Earth. If there is a Superman, then why has he never been mention on Arrow or The Flash? If Superman does exist in this series, will he make guest appearances, or are there legal reasons the character can't be used ( as was the case in Smallville ). But the biggest question is why did CBS decide to counter program Supergirl against Gotham? 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [ Mondays CW ]
One of those YouTube celebrities, Rachel Bloom,  gets her own show. A sort of remake of Ally McBeal crossed with Cop Rock. A female lawyer in New York follows the guy she has a crush on to a suburb in California. Aside from being a stalker, she imagines that she lives in a musical, and is constantly launching into musical numbers that presumably the rest of the cast can't hear.

Minority Report [ Mondays FOX ]
Based on the little remembered Steven Spielberg /  Tom Cruise science fiction thriller. Basically, about a cop who can predict crimes that are about to happen, and tries to prevent them.

Blindspot [ Mondays NBC ]
A naked girl ( Jaimie Alexander ) is found in a briefcase in Times Square. She has no memory and is probably some sort of highly skilled agent. She is also covered in tattoos, each which is either a clue to a crime that is about to happen, or a clue to her past. One of those tattoos is the name of an FBI agent ( Sullivan Stapleton ) who is assigned to her case.

The Muppets [ Tuesdays ABC ]
The Muppets return to television in an all new sitcom.

Grandfathered [ Tuesdays FOX ]
John Stamos plays a John Stamos type character who is suddenly introduced to the son he never knew he had, who in turn introduces him to the granddaughter he never knew he had.

The Grinder [ Tuesdays FOX ]
After spending years acting as a lawyer on a hit television series, Dean Sanderson ( Rob Lowe ) decides he could be a lawyer for real, and becomes a nuisance at his brother's ( Fred Savage ) real law firm.

Chicago Med [ Tuesdays NBC ]
Third show in the Chicago franchise that includes Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, this time about an emergency room.

Scream Queens [ Tuesdays FOX ]
a 13 episode mini-series comedy about a serial killer called The Red Devil who is murdering girls at the Kappa sorority house. It also has a nice all star cast that includes Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis as potential victims, and possibly the killer. The producers are planning the series as a one shot story, but hinted that the characters that survive the slaughter will return for a second season in a brand new story.

Wicked City [ Tuesdays ABC ]
Police try to track a serial killer in 1980s Las Angeles. Just like Scream Queens, this is a series with a one season story, with a new murderer to track should there be a second season.

Limitless [ Tuesdays CBS ]
A continuation of the movie where a drug called NZT gives the user amazing mental powers. This time it is used by a musician ( Jake McDorman ) who thenis asked by an attractive FBI agent ( Jennifer Carpenter ) to use his new mental powers to help her solve crimes.

Best Time Ever w/ Neil Patrick Harris [ Tuesdays NBC ]
A sort of cross between a variety show  and prank show.

Rosewood [ Wednesdays FOX ]
Morris Chestnut is a Miami medical examiner with a heart condition that could kill him at any moment.

Code Black [ Wednesdays CBS ]
Another medical drama set in an ER, starring Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzman.

Heroes Reborn [ Thursdays NBC ]
The series featuring ordinary people with super powers and spent four seasons going nowhere, is back again. This time as a 13 episode miniseries with a mostly all new cast.

Angel from Hell [ Thursdays CBS ]
Jane Lynch plays a raunchy guardian angel.

The Player [ Thursdays NBC ]
A super computer predicts crimes that are about to happen ( sounds familiar? ). Apparently the organization that owns this computer uses it for a weird gambling game. They give the information it provides to the player, a former Special Ops agent ( Philip Winchester ) who is tasked with preventing the crime from happening. His success or failure is then placed up for bet among super rich high rollers who monitor his every move.

Dr Ken [ Fridays ABC ]
Sitcom with Ken Jeong as a doctor.

Truth Be Told   [ Fridays NBC ]    original title People Are Talking
Sitcom featuring two young couples, Mark Paul Gosselaar with Vanessa Lachey and Tone Bell with Bresha Webb. 

The winter season begins in January. Traditionally, it is during the time when most series go on a two month hiatus in order to extend their seasons into the May Sweeps. It also gives the networks the opportunity to try out new series with a quarter season order, as well as a place to put those other long time series they were close to canceling, but were now keeping on life support with short seasons. Mid season replacement programs bridge the gap between the full fall season and winter season. Basically, these are the programs they are keeping in reserve should any of the new series fail. There is no telling when any of the mid-season replacement series will air. If no time slots open, they could be pushed back to the winter season, or even not air until the summer season. And there is always the lingering possibility that shows in reserve for mid-season replacement could be cancelled without ever airing, the unaired episodes already produced showing up streaming online. This year there are a lot of  returning veteran series that are in mid-season limbo.  Waiting for a time slot is The 100 [ CW ], The Night Shift [ NBC ], Mike & Molly [ CBS ], Person of Interest [ CBS ], New Girl [ FOX ], The Odd Couple [ CBS ], 2 Broke Girls [ CBS ] and Hell's Kitchen [ FOX ]. They are all wild cards as they can show up at any time between September and May, and throw a monkey wrench into your viewing plans. Some mid-season replacements already have guaranteed slots waiting for them. Chicago Fire [ NBC ] will resume it's time slot in October once Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris ends its planned one month run. ( Although, if the series becomes a big hit, Chicago Fire could be in trouble. )  Another show in the Chicago franchise given a late start date is Chicago Med [ NBC ] which has to wait until November until The Voice gives up the time slot. Once again CBS has programmed prime time football on Thursday nights. This will push back premiers of their Thursday night prime time shows Mom, Elementary and new series Angel From Hell until November, while The Big Bang Theory and new show Life in Pieces will air on Mondays until moving to the Thursday 8:00 hour in November. This will push back the premiere of Supergirl until late October. Three new series originally scheduled to debut this fall and then pulled for mid season are the Jennifer Lopez crime drama Shades of Blue [ NBC ] the medical drama Heartbreaker [ NBC ] and the biblical series Of Kings and Profits [ ABC ].

As if it was not bad enough that Network Television slams us with a full schedule of new shows in the fall, there will also be a slew new shows on the cable networks. The good news is that cable channels frequently rerun episodes all through the week, so they need not compete against the network prime time schedule. Here is what is coming up for the fall season.

9/9  The League   FFX
9/9 You're the Worst FFX
9/11 Z Nation  SyFy
9/11 Continuum  SyFy
9/13 Project Greenlight HBO
9/13 Doll & Em HBO
9/14 Star Wars Rebels Disney XD
9/15 The Bastard Executioner FX
9/16 South Park Comedy Central
9/16 Moonbeam City   Comedy Central
9/19 Doctor Who  BBC America
9/26 Guardians of the Galaxy  Disney XD
10/4 Homeland Showtime
10/4 The Leftovers HBO
10/4 The Affair   Showtime
10/6 Finding Carter MTV
10/7 American Horror Story: Hotel   FX
10/8 Haven SyFy
10/10  The Last Kingdom BBC America
10/11  The Walking Dead  AMC
10/16 The Nick   Cinemax
10/16 Satisfaction USA
10/24 Da Vinci's Demons Starz
10/31 Ash vs Evildead Starz
11/8 Flesh and Bone Starz
11/8 Agent X  TNT
11/15 Into the Badlands AMC
12/14 The Expanse  SyFy

Much like cable, PBS reruns their programs at least once during the week, and often late at night. Here is what is coming up on PBS

9/4 American Masters
9/18 POV
9/23 Nature
9/27 Indian Summers
9/28 I'll Have What Phill's Having
10/4 The Widower
10/4 Home Fires
10/28 NOVA

The good news about streaming video is that you can watch it any time you want. Better yet, the entire season is offered on the same day, allowing viewers to binge watch over a weekend. Here is the highlights of the fall shows premiering on streaming video.

9/10 Longmire  Netflix
9/15 The Mindy Project Hulu
10/7 Casual Hulu
10/8 Supermasion   Crackle
10/9 Red Oaks  Amazon
10/19 The Art of More  Crackle
11/6 Masters of None   Netflix
11/20 The Man in the High Castle   Amazon
12/4 Transparent   Amazon
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