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Author Topic: Group Project: Great Alaskan Mystery-Thread for participants, chapters available  (Read 14154 times)

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(You accidentally hit email instead of url)

Oops.  Fixed.

And actually can you remove our link to the iRiffs shop? I would rather have people just get them on Gumroad. (They're all there except our first two riffs which we want to redo at some point.)

Updated.  Thanks!

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So is episode 5 still missing? I actually kind of care about the order of this thing, so I haven't been watching the most recent riffs.
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I'll grab up episode 9 and see where it takes me!  Should at least be done by next week. 
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On vacation next week.  I plan on binge watching these with my free time.  ;D

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Due to me having multiple deaths in the family (2017 can bite me.) Team Swizzlebeef is lagging a bit behind - we're cranking out episode 8 as fast as we can, and I'll post here once it's in the mixing stages.
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