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A couple of NFB shorts for your amusement
« on: April 27, 2013, 05:56:45 PM »
As this is the board for links, I figured it would be the best place to put this.

The National Film Board of Canada has provided some memorable Rifftrax fodder.  Well, I got a blog post from them highlighting a trio of food-oriented shorts that are downright weird, and I figured the good people here might find them suitable for home riffing.


The first one, 'Mystery in the Kitchen'  comes from the 'David and Hazel' era, and features an annoying detective who hovers over Mrs. Jones as she cooks and food shops, making drawling, derogatory comments about her knowledge of nutrition.  Her family is a mass of rickets, bad complexions and astonishingly horrid-looking bruises, and it's all her fault.

The second one is about a hippy-dippy Natural Food Shoppe in Montreal in the 1970s.  The conversations between the spacy proprietor and his customers are quite bizarre, with one old lady balking at his overpriced free-range eggs, and a pothead describing his neighbour's bowel movements.

Short #3 isn't Riffable, as it's animated, plus it's pretty good: I remember watching it when it came out, and it won some prizes.

Anyway, I thought people here might enjoy these!
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