Author Topic: Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed  (Read 498 times)

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Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed
« on: February 10, 2013, 10:26:35 AM »
Of course, we know Rifftrax has a majority of this covered, since the Seventies were WAAAAY out there with their 'educational' shorts, but you might think of some they may have missed.

Here are some of my offerings:

1999 AD - Back in the Sixties when people thought here in the 21st Century we'd have flying cars and such, this short was made to see what life would be like in 1999.  Wink Martindale (Game Show Host fame) starred in it, and some of the hilarious moments of what they got right as well as what they got wrong.  You can check this one out on YouTube to see for yourself.

Telezonia - Yet, another 'how to' film for kids, but this allegedly teaches them how to use the phone, by having the kids obviously trip out and visit a Wonderland of sorts by AT&T, seriously.  If you watch (on YouTube) you'll notice only one person of Telezonia (apart from the kids) is HUMAN, while the others are obviously living punctuation, symbols or letters.  When I saw it, like Kevin, it confused the crap out of me, making me fear using the phone for several years.

Michael Isn't With Us Anyone (guessing on the title) - Traffic Safety/Stranger Danger Film.  And no, it's not what Rifftrax would say if it gave Mike his walking papers, but rather an interesting look at a film that attempts to warn us about running out into the street.  But somehow also meanders into stranger danger for some curious reason. 

Basically the tale starts off at school where the teacher acknowledges a student (Michael) is absent.  Rather than tell the class Mike's no more, because apparently children obviously have no concept of death, she stretches it out that Mike's not just coming back, hence the alleged name of the film.  Anyway, the kids who were with Michael 'remember' how their classmate met his demise.

Now the funny thing about this safety short (from my memory), is the fact the kids aren't ACTUALLY playing in the streets (as the ones who did in Live and Learn).  Instead they're running in a stupor down sidewalks, running across intersections with reckless abandonment, when Mike gets hit by car stock footage (seriously), then is felled (completely clean I might add) where suddenly a crowd forms.  Then like magic a cop arrives inquiring what happens.

Cut back to the school, where a sad-eyed girl says the obvious "we were playing in the streets," whereas you're wondering where the hell did the crowd spring from, let alone the cop?  But as with most safety films riffed here, they immediately go into the typical safety rules to prevent what happened to poor Michael.

Yet, as I said, the film tends to meander off-topic into stranger danger.  Why?  Well, in the late 70s, some brilliant producers thought fifteen minutes simply wasn't enough for educating children on life's dangers, so they started extending some films to thirty minutes (oh, rapture!).  And the funny thing about this film, like all other stranger danger films, the stranger looks NOTHING like what you should be looking out for, and when they demonstrate, he smiles at a child and says, 'Hello.'  Whereas, 'go get an adult' must come off as 'freak out and head for the hills,' because that's what she does.

Apologies for the long expo on that one, but as you can see, these are my offerings for Rifftrax. 

So folks, what other 60s/70s shorts have you come across which you'd like Rifftrax to perform their skills on?
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Re: Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2013, 12:16:01 PM »
I'd love to see Rifftrax riff Don't Touch, a hilariously low budget short on  the dangers of explosives:


Big Bunch of Doug Shorts (I think that is the group name) did a good job riffing it:


But I would like to see Rifftrax get their hands on it.

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Re: Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2013, 03:25:48 PM »
Been watching Josh Way's short riffing on youtube, got some classic ones there

pretty funny
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Re: Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2013, 09:19:49 PM »
is it possible for them to riff on the previously riffed shorts on mst3k

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Re: Classic 60s/70s shorts you'd like Riffed
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2013, 11:54:57 PM »
is it possible for them to riff on the previously riffed shorts on mst3k

They have once with "What About Juvenile Delinquency."  It turned out good from my perspective, but I think they got some complaints for double dipping.
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