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Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past
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Yes, that is the point.  No one explained how they were fixed after the events of The Wolverine.

Um, is it that hard to just assume they re-coated them with adamantium?
Yeah, I expect the bone claws to grow back. And I can believe that Professor X would be willing to pony up for getting them re-coated.
And even if it wasn't that, it's what, 10 years between The Wolverine and Days of Future Past? Hell, in the comics he'd have lost and gained all the adamantium five times.

Yeah, the bone claws would've grown back within minutes, if not seconds, of them being removed.  Once back in the company of Prof. X and Magneto it wouldn't be *too* hard for them to get a hold of some adamantium and simply reline the bone claws with the adamantium knives.

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Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past
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"Did she just say Chipping?"