Author Topic: The Premise Flaw / A Modern Equivalent  (Read 1372 times)

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The Premise Flaw / A Modern Equivalent
« on: March 24, 2012, 01:56:33 AM »
This has always been one of my favourite shorts - the lines are very clever and the short itself is hilarious even before the three Rifftraxer Elite made it moreso.  :clap:

Watching it again this morning, I realised the basic flaw in this little tale of pest prevention is this: how likely would it really be that the Health Department honcho just happens to be the narrator's old school pal - AND some sort of famous football hero who coaches the local kids after school? I'm no sports nut and have no clue how significant this "Unidas" player was which he was compared to, but although the narrator makes the hilarious error of choosing to describe the children's interest in his lecture about rat and mosquito prevention as "bug eyed with fascination" - hilarious on two levels, one being that the topic is bug prevention and the other that the video shows their eyes actually barely slit-open - the reason the kids went bug-crazy to impress him wasn't communicable disease would have been wanting to impress this apparent friend and football hero.

I imagined what this short would be about in this century - BEDBUGS! - a problem which does in fact get blamed on "the neighbours" just about as much as the outdoor problems in the unidentified suburb of the sixties short...but in the big city, "the neighbours" get bad raps very easily since it's mostly an urban, apartment-based infestation problem.  But the health department honcho would have had to have a past job involving video games to get the sort of attention those brats gave the one in the short. 

I imagine him as being one of the team that programmed the first version of Halo, maybe, or Doom, if the kids are old enough to remember the turn of the century! But he also takes time out of his busy schedule with the health department to give them lessons on designing game sprites, so when he starts giving lectures about how to avoid propagating bedbugs, they listen...although if they're already infested, it probably wouldn't take any of that to get them to listen as the bites would be motivation enough!
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