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Re: ahmadinejad new york
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An interesting side on china from the Sipri website

The resulting SIPRI estimates for Chinese military spending come to roughly 1.4–1.5 times the official defence budget for most years. SIPRI's current estimate for R&D spending is quite high, suggesting a share of R&D in overall military spending close to that of the USA, and considerably higher than for major European arms producers. In contrast, SIPRI estimates do not at present include estimates for local government funding of the PLA.

A 2006 report by the US–China Policy Foundation, based on a analysis of available Chinese-language sources, broadly concurs with the list of items included by SIPRI, but also adds various forms of funding to the PLA from local government, as well as some higher education expenses for PLA officers and compensation for disaster relief activities. The report concludes, however, that there is not at present enough information to make a reasonable estimate of total Chinese defence-related spending.

While details of some elements of Chinese military spending outside the official defence budget are publicly available (such as the PAP budget) others—most importantly R&D spending—are not, and can at present only be the subject of educated guesswork. Further research based on publicly available Chinese-language sources could provide improved estimates, but without greater transparency on the part of the Chinese Government, a completely accurate figure is not currently possible

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Re: ahmadinejad new york
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Re: ahmadinejad new york
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