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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Rifftrax)
« Reply #345 on: August 09, 2011, 11:10:46 AM »
L.O.C. #35 - Top Rifftrax

The Potter riffs are guaranteed gold in my book. What was cool for me was that this was when I actually started watching the Potter movies without the riffs. As the franchise has gotten darker, the more I've enjoyed it. I started to look forward to these movies, whereas in the past I thought they were just goofy and only wanted to see them because of the riff. The Potter flicks have always seemed to be ultra-fertile riffing ground for MKB and the writers; it's like the pizza and beer of riffing. Two-and-a-half hours of pure comedy goodness.

The Wiki
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a 2005 fantasy film directed by Mike Newell and based on the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling. It is the fourth instalment in the Harry Potter film series, written by Steve Kloves and produced by David Heyman. The story follows Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts as he is chosen by the Goblet of Fire to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, a highly dangerous competition. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, alongside Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as Harry's best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and is followed by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

EMBEDDINGS DISABLED BY REQUEST…What sort of evil would request that?!?



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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #346 on: August 10, 2011, 07:13:37 AM »
Surprisingly few biters for the rifftrax day.  I expected Cole to recommend some of his and Janet's riffs (or the upcoming riff night with Chris Hardwick, Andy Richter and Adam Savage).  Well, it's not to late if you want to post it... late.  Anyway, here's the original list for Classic TV Series (IE, pre-1980):

#52: The Littlest Hobo
#51: Little House on the Prairie
#50: I Spy
#49: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
#48: Wild, Wild West
#47: The Jetsons
#46: The Outer Limits
#45: Sanford and Son
#44: Mission: Impossible
#43: Barney Miller
#42: Laverne & Shirley
#41: The Avengers
#40: Mister Ed
#39: The Six Million Dollar Man
#38: I Love Lucy
#37: Dragnet
#36: Battlestar Galactica
#35: Bewitched
#34: Gilligan's Island
#33: The Flintstones
#32: The Monkees
#31: I, Claudius
#30: Fernwood 2 Night
#29: The Rockford Files
#28: Taxi
#27: Mork & Mindy
#26: Batman
#25: The Carol Burnett Show
#24: Soap
#23: Columbo
#22: Happy Days
#21: SCTV
#20: The Andy Griffith Show
#19: The Brady Bunch
#18: The Addams Family
#17: All in the Family
#16: Mary Tyler Moore
#15: The Bugs Bunny Show
#14: Sesame Street
#13: WKRP in Cincinnati
#12: Fawlty Towers
#11: The Dick Van Dyke Show
#10: The Bob Newhart Show
#9: Rocky & Bullwinkle
#8: Doctor Who
#7: Saturday Night Live
#6: M*A*S*H*
#5: Get Smart
#4: Star Trek
#3: The Muppet Show
#2: The Twilight Zone
#1: Monty Python's Flying Circus

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #347 on: August 10, 2011, 09:16:28 AM »
I expected Cole to recommend some of his and Janet's riffs (or the upcoming riff night with Chris Hardwick, Andy Richter and Adam Savage.)
Oh, thanks for rubbing it in to those of us who can't go!

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #348 on: August 10, 2011, 10:03:43 AM »
LoC Rest of the Best - Day 36 – Favourite Classic TV Series
Galaxy Express 999


A twelve year-old street urchin named Tetsuro Hoshino desperately wants an indestructible machine body, giving him the ability to live forever and have the freedom that the unmechanized don't have. While machine bodies are impossibly expensive, they are supposedly given away for free in the Andromeda galaxy, the end of the line for the Galaxy Express 999, a space train that only comes to Earth once a year.
The series begins with Tetsuro and his mother making their way to Megalopolis where they hope to get jobs to pay for passes for the 999. Along the way however, Count Mecha and a gang of "human hunters" kill Tetsuro's mother. Before she dies, she tells him to continue the journey they started, and to get a machine body to live the eternal life she couldn't.
Intent on killing Count Mecha to avenge his mother, Tetsuro meets up with a beautiful woman, Maetel, who is the spitting image of his dead mother. Maetel offers him an unlimited use pass for the 999 if he will be her travelling companion to which Tetsuro agrees. Along the way, Tetsuro has many adventures on many different and exotic planets and meets many kinds of people, both human and alien, living and machine. Increasingly, Tetsuro realizes that a machine body won't fix all of his problems. In fact, most of the machine people he meets regret the decision to give up their humanity.
 Personal thoughts:

This is a surprisingly smart and exciting adventure series in the vein of classic literature aimed at young adults such as Treasure Island and Kidnapped!  The series is composed of one or two part adventures, usually involving the main character almost losing his ticket to the Galaxy Express (it seems as long as they have the ticket, anyone can board the express, making the young lad an instant target once he lands) or meeting humans turned to robots.  The adventures include trippy classic sci-fi to westerns to whatever kind of world the creator can come up with.  Hell, the idea of a train that looks like a spaceship is at a time machine shaped like a police box level of awesome.

I love the relationship between Maetel and Tetsuro, as Maetel sort of acts as a mother figure, but she and Tetsuro are equals.  It’s also obvious that Maetel is hiding something (which is revealed in the last arc of the series), which gives her character an aura of melancholy.  The interesting thing is that while it seems like a great series for young boys, I ignored it for a long time, thinking it uncool.  Now I see it’s very good, and very smart considering the age group it’s targeted to.

I never finished the series, but apparently the entire series is streaming for free at crunchyroll.com.  I got to finish it sometime.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/Gq-b_iNrQaQ" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/Gq-b_iNrQaQ</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #349 on: August 10, 2011, 10:22:26 AM »
L.O.C. #36 - Top Classic TV Series

I can't believe this didn't make the original list. The Twilight Zone gets #2 and Hitchcock doesn't even place?!? For chrissakes, even The Outer Limits made the list.

The Wiki
Alfred Hitchcock Presents is an American television anthology series hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. The series featured dramas, thrillers, and mysteries. By the premiere of the show on October 2, 1955, Hitchcock had been directing films for over three decades. Time magazine named Alfred Hitchcock Presents one of "The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME".

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is well known for its title sequence. The camera fades in on a simple line-drawing caricature of Hitchcock's rotund profile. As the program's theme music, Charles Gounod's Funeral March of a Marionette, plays, Hitchcock appears in silhouette from the right edge of the screen, and then walks to center screen to eclipse the caricature. He then almost always says "Good evening." The caricature drawing — composed of just nine strokes — was the work of Hitchcock himself.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/Dj15EGFWgXA?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/Dj15EGFWgXA?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US</a>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/YQ2TebS4DIU?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/YQ2TebS4DIU?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #350 on: August 10, 2011, 07:30:45 PM »
Sorry---busy last couple of days. Better late than never. Let's start with...

This guy!

L.O.C. Rest of the Best -- Day 34 -- Best Directors

John Frankenheimer (February 19, 1930 – July 6, 2002) was an American film and television director known for social dramas. He won four consecutive Emmy Awards in the 1990s for the television movies Against the Wall, The Burning Season, Andersonville and George Wallace, which also received a Golden Globe award. He was considered one of the last remaining directors who insisted on having complete control over all elements of production, making his style unique in Hollywood.

His 30 feature films and over 50 plays for television were notable for their influence on contemporary thought. He became a pioneer of the "modern-day political thriller," having begun his career at the peak of the Cold War. Many of his films were noted for creating "psychological dilemmas" for his male protagonists along with having a strong "sense of environment," similar in style to films by director Sidney Lumet, for whom he had earlier worked as assistant director. He developed a "tremendous propensity for exploring political situations" which would ensnare his characters.

Movie critic Leonard Maltin writes that "in his time [1960s]... Frankenheimer worked with the top writers, producers and actors in a series of films that dealt with issues that were just on top of the moment—things that were facing us all." Among his credits were The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Birdman of Alcatraz (also 1962), The Train, (1964), Seven Days in May (also 1964) and Ronin (1998).

This Riff show!

L.O.C. Rest of the Best -- Day 35 -- Top RiffTrax


This TV show!
L.O.C. Rest of the Best -- Day 36 -- Top Classic TV Series

Maverick is a western television series with comedic overtones which was created by Roy Huggins that ran from September 22, 1957 to July 8, 1962 on ABC and featured James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, and Robert Colbert as the roving, poker-playing Mavericks (Bret, Bart, Beau, & Brent). Moore and Colbert were later additions, though there were never more than two current Mavericks in any single episode at any given time, and more often only one. The series' primary sponsor for the first few seasons was Kaiser Aluminum, and their "quilted" aluminum foil was widely advertised in commercials shown on Maverick.

Maverick presented James Garner as Bret Maverick (1957–1960), a cagey, articulate cardsharp roaming the Old West, Jack Kelly as his equally skilled brother Bart Maverick (1957–1962), and Roger Moore as British accented cousin Beau Maverick (1960–1961). Bret Maverick is the epitome of a rounder, always seeking out high-stakes games and rarely remaining in one place for long. James Garner was the only Maverick in the series during the first seven episodes, and the show is generally credited with launching Garner's career although he'd appeared in several earlier movies, including Sayonara with Marlon Brando. Maverick often bested both The Ed Sullivan Show and The Steve Allen Show in audience size.
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My goodness!

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Classic TV Series)
« Reply #351 on: August 10, 2011, 07:53:07 PM »
Oh, Bob Odenkirk.  Now I really wish I could be there.

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Fictional Vehicles)
« Reply #352 on: August 11, 2011, 05:40:01 AM »
Today's list is best fictional vehicles.  Here are the previous winners:

#51: White Star   
#50: Ghost Rider's Bike
#49: Wallace and Gromit's Rocket
#48: The Thousand Sunny
#47: The Ark
#46: Mach 5
#45: Hogwarts Express
#44: Cat Bus
#43: Max
#42: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
#41: The Going Merry
#40: Mad Max Pursuit Special
#39: Iron Man Suit
#38: The Time Machine
#37: Luke's Speeder
#36: Animated Batmobile
#35: Death Star
#34: Klingon Bird of Prey
#33: Howl's Moving Castle
#32: The Executor Super Star Destroyer
#31: Light Cycle
#30: The Nautilus
#29: Hover Board
#28: Eagle V
#27: USS Enterprise D
#26: Starbug
#25: Bill & Ted's Phone Booth
#24: Bluesmobile
#23: The Bebop
#22: Pee Wee's Bike
#21: Bond's Astin Martin DB5
#20: Herbie the Love Bug
#19: Imperial Speeder Bike
#18: General Lee
#17: Satellite of Love
#16: Red Dwarf
#15: The Mystery Machine
#14: KITT
#13: Batmobile from Adam West Series
#12: The A-Team Van
#11: X-Wing Fighter
#10: Batmobile Tumbler
#9: USS Enterprise
#8: AT AT Walker
#7: Planet Express
#6: Ecto-1
#5: Serenity
#4: The Heart of Gold
#3: The TARDIS
#2: The DeLorean
#1: The Millenium Falcon   

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Fictional Vehicles)
« Reply #353 on: August 11, 2011, 09:50:12 AM »
LoC Rest of the Best - Day 37 – Favourite Fictional Vehicles


The Lexx is a bio-engineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly and also reminiscent of male genitalia. It was grown by ingesting organ collections from the protein bank on the Cluster, the seat of the Divine Order, for use by His Divine Shadow. The Lexx was originally intended as the ultimate deterrent: the threat of a weapon that could instantly obliterate any planet would keep the remaining "Heretic" worlds of the Light Universe in line, and those that refused to capitulate would be summarily destroyed to reinforce the point. This plan was foiled when the crew commandeered it to escape from the Cluster.

The most important function of the Lexx is its ability to destroy entire planets with a single, high-powered blast. Its only weapon is initiated by command from the captain only, followed by a highly dramatic sequence when the Ocular Parabola found on the surface of its eye tissue flips from a smooth surfaced dome into a complex array of satellite dish-like structures. Huge amounts of yellowish-orange particles are released en masse from the array and focused by Lexx's nervous system to a point just above its mouth. Once focused, the particles burst into a massive, forward-moving, planar wave which expands ahead of the Lexx exponentially until colliding with an object of sufficient mass to disperse it, usually a planet. The wave instantly vaporizes smaller ships without losing momentum. Though the Lexx is designed to destroy entire planets, it can fire less intense blasts to hit smaller targets; however, the smallest area it seems capable of destroying is roughly the size of an entire city such as Ottawa.
A special living energy being known as the "key" is required to control the Lexx, and it will usually only respond to its owner. However, if the ship is in a deficient mental state, it may respond to anyone. A special holographic hand-scanner on the bridge confirms that the captain of the ship possesses the key. The captain then controls the Lexx through voice commands.

The Lexx itself is sentient, but not very intelligent. The show's creators have it compared to a dog. The Lexx often takes orders literally, even when it's not being addressed directly (Stan accidentally orders the Lexx to destroy a planet when he explains its function to some astronauts). It acknowledges commands and comments with a droning, simple male voice; for example, "As you command, Stan." The Lexx has emotions (it actively enjoys destroying planets, for instance, and becomes rather petulant when denied the opportunity), and is, to a small extent, capable of acting of its own accord when in defense of itself. In the final episode of the show, as the Lexx is dying, it tells Stan that he was always its favorite captain, since they both enjoy destroying planets.

The Lexx ages several thousand years during the run of the series, and in later seasons its advanced age and decrepitude following millennia of starvation and neglect lead to it becoming increasingly unstable. In the final episode of the series, Lexx dies, giving birth to a smaller, very Lexx-like ship, the result of a brief union with an insect from Earth. The new ship, dubbed "Little Lexx" by Stan and Xev, imprints upon Stan when he tells it that he is its captain. This causes Little Lexx's key, blue instead of Lexx's yellow, to bind with Stan's right hand.
 Personal thoughts:

I know a lot of people don’t care for this show (it is quite sophomoric), but I think it’s very imaginative, and that extends to the living ship the show is named after.  A living ship with a slight Cronenberg bent, the entire place feels vaguely obscene (especially the toilets), but is visually very interesting and seems like a cool place to hang, if you can stomach the amenities.  

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/NxuUbizTVXM" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/NxuUbizTVXM</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Fictional Vehicles)
« Reply #354 on: August 11, 2011, 11:31:17 AM »
L.O.C. #37 - Top Fictional Vehicles


Well, as long as we're doing vehicles that, um, look like stuff…it's the Ambiguously Gay Duocar! Always up to the challenge, the Duocar pops long, stiff wheelies and shoots down the road delivering Ace and Gary to their latest confrontation with hard criminals.

The Wiki
TV Funhouse’s Ambiguously Gay Duo is as crime fighting cartoon as interpreted by guys who grew watching the same Saturday morning specials you did, and you also like you did, began to suspect that something was just off with the hero/sidekick relationship. Not only is it vaguely nostalgic, but it also provides some validation for those many sleepless nights you spent as a kid, wrestling with the inner suspicion that despite his awesome crime fighting powers, Batman was still kind of a fruitcake.

Ambiguously Animated/Live-Action Hybrid
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/TG-eGMoUCkA?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/TG-eGMoUCkA?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Film Scores)
« Reply #355 on: August 12, 2011, 05:48:30 AM »
Today's topic is film scores.  Here's the original list:

#50: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn
#49: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
#48: WALL-E
#47: Millenium Actress
#46: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
#45: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
#44: The Black Hole
#43: The Great Escape
#42: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
#41: The Truman Show
#40: Chinatown
#39: Up
#38: Paprika
#37: Young Sherlock Holmes
#36: Goldfinger
#35: Vertigo
#34:The Terminator
#33: Koyaanisqatsi
#32: V for Vendetta
#31: Gremlins
#31: Taxi Driver\
#30: Peewee's Big Adventure
#29: The Godfather
#28: Raising Arizona
#27: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the King
#26: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#25: Inception
#24: Alexander Nevsky
#23: The Dark Knight
#22: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
#21: Beetlejuice
#20: Edward Scissorhands
#19: Batman
#18: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
#17: E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
#16: Suspiria
#15: The Magnificent Seven
#14: Once Upon a Time in the West
#13: Superman: the Movie
#12: The Third Man
#11: North by Northwest
#10: Back to the Future
#9: Jaws
#8: Ed Wood
#7: The Incredibles
#6: Jurassic Park
#5: The Empire Strikes Back
#4: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
#4: Raiders of the Lost Ark
#2: Psycho
#1: Star Wars

Now tell us your favourite.

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Film Scores)
« Reply #356 on: August 12, 2011, 06:04:00 AM »
A lot of my Top Scores list made it on the final list, but I can't believe these two didn't

Nightmare Before Christmas
Yes, I am talking about the score itself, not the songs. Although the score is an extension of the songs, it is still excellent.

I really love this movie, and the score is just one of the reasons why. Beautiful.

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Film Scores)
« Reply #357 on: August 12, 2011, 07:51:38 AM »
LoC Rest of the Best - Day 38 – Favourite Film Scores
For a Few Dollars More


For a Few Dollars More (Italian: Per qualche dollaro in più) is a 1965 Italian spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Gian Maria Volonté. German actor Klaus Kinski also plays a supporting role as a secondary villain. The film was released in the United States in 1967 and is the second part of what is commonly known as the Dollars Trilogy.

Ennio Morricone composed the film's soundtrack as he did for A Fistful of Dollars: before production had started, under Leone's explicit direction. In fact Leone often shot to Morricone's music on set. In the United States, Hugo Montenegro released a cover version as did Leroy Holmes who released a cover version of the soundtrack album with the original American poster art. Maurizio Graf sang a vocal "Occhio Per Occhio"/"Eye For An Eye" to the music of the cue "Sixty Seconds to What" track that did not appear in the film but was released as a tie-in 45rpm record.

The rock band Year Long Disaster has recorded a song called "Per qualche dollaro in più". However, it is unknown how large the connection with it is.
British band Babe Ruth famously covered the main theme as part of their song The Mexican.

The theme "La resa dei conti" was used as a ringtone for Vertu phones.

 Personal thoughts:

I love music from all the Sergio Westerns, and though this might be the least known of the Man with No Name trilogy, both the film and the music are completely awesome..  In all honesty, I have trouble putting into words what makes the music great except that it cemented my love of the western genre.  It creates a sense of excitement and mystique that would be hard for most film makers to match though it fits perfectly in the film and some of it even ties into the story.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/Nl8mmoH_63g" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/Nl8mmoH_63g</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Film Scores)
« Reply #358 on: August 12, 2011, 09:14:20 AM »
L.O.C. #38 - Top Film Scores

Requiem for a Dream - Clint Mansell

I love this. It's a gut-wrenching score for a gut-wrenching movie. I just think it brings a sort of epic quality to what's happening onscreen, which isn’t 'epic' in a traditional sense, but grand in a crushing, tragic sense.

The Wiki
The soundtrack was composed by Clint Mansell and performed by the Kronos Quartet. Mansell's score was his follow-up to the score he composed for Aronofsky's first film, π, and has since become a cult hit. The music is notable for its use of sharp, often staccato 'un-vibrato-ed' string instruments to create a cold and discomforting sound from instruments frequently used for their warmth and softness (an effect pioneered in film soundtracks by Bernard Hermann). Reportedly Kronos Quartet asked for a very reasonable fee which, according to Aronofsky, suited him well; Aronofsky also stated that the music inspired him during the editing process.

The soundtrack has been widely praised, and in particular the track "Lux Aeterna" (which itself is much used in the film) has subsequently been used in various forms of media. The theme was reorchestrated for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer and is known by the name "Requiem for a Tower". The theme has been featured in trailers for other films, including Babylon A.D., The Da Vinci Code, I Am Legend, Sunshine, and Valley of Flowers. It also appeared in the video games "Total Miner: Forge", Assassin's Creed, and in numerous TV spots and adverts, and at sporting events. Use of the theme has extended to the point where it is interchangeable with the name "Requiem for a Dream."

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/KSY4Yi2ypno?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/KSY4Yi2ypno?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US</a>

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Re: The Rest of the Best (Today's Topic: Favourite Film Scores)
« Reply #359 on: August 12, 2011, 09:46:32 AM »
Great score, can't be bothered to watch the film though.