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If one knows they'll subscribe to Disney+, and can afford the upfront charge ($70), this is a great deal.
You Can Preorder Disney Plus For Less Than $4 A Month
What? So on November 12th I have to pay $70 up front to get Disney plus?!

Only if  you want the discount, and pay up front for 3 years, and first you have to join the Disney fan club D23 (apparently you can join the free version of the club and still get an invite for the discount).  Also you have to pre-order by September 2 to get the discount.

Basically do all that and get 3 years of D+ for the cost of one year, or about $2 a month off the regular price.

AND live in the US, I assume?

Looks like that is the case, from the fine print below the banner announcing the offer:
Valid for US residents with US payment method only

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Always the way.

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As long as I can watch the Mandalorian, I will happily pay the whatever amount a month... as long as that whatever amount doesn't make me poor... I mean poorer. As it is I'll probably have to cancel my subscription to Amazon Prime so I can afford Disney+.

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We're into the "holy shit this is amazing!" realm of MCU TV/Disney+ production [blue text are links]:

Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing A Dozen More Properties for Disney+.  Yes, these are beyond the ones already announced!

According to other stories [main page here, since many have individual articles and I just don't feel like including that many links, or summarizing that much: https://mcuexchange.com/] these series apparently may include an animated Power Pack series, and a Young Avengers series.

In addition, we have a Hellstrom series coming on Hulu, to go with their Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes as played by Gabriel Luna) series there.  With a couple other horror-type series that are in the works, they will collectively be called Adventures Into Fear.

[Now I'm off to modify the 'upcoming' section of my MCU Index post.]
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We're also getting a lot of old Marvel shows, including the 90s X-Men and Spider-Man shows.