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The Salvation Wars.
« on: April 30, 2010, 07:57:13 AM »
Not really a book, since it's online, but it's certainly book length.

The Salvation Wars follow the story of mankind after God publicly declares that he hates humanity, and that everyone is going to Hell.  Such had actually been happening for millenia, but the story starts when God lets everyone know.

Satan then announces "You all belong to me.  Lay down and die to begin your eternity of torment."

Some humans do, but most of them fight back.  The armies of the Earth unite against the armies of Hell in part one: Armageddon???.

God gets pissed at this, because the humans are being defiant.  He didn't just want them to stay out of Heaven, he wanted them all in Hell.  So the Earth is also at war with Heaven, which is chronicled in part two: Pantheocide.

I'm enjoying it, because it presents an interesting twist on stories about man versus God and man versus Satan.  Usually, the forces of Heaven and Hell have supernatural strength and immunity to man's weapons, so man is completely outclassed by these forces.  It takes some equally supernatural hero to cast some spell or some shit to stand a chance.  This inverts that and leaves the forces of Heaven and Hell at the mercy of mankind and its 21st century weapons.