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« on: February 23, 2010, 07:50:19 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm a new member here, just had something I thought you other MST3K fans would like.

A little background: My university has a tradition before home football games. You wake up and go to the bars at 7am dressed up in costumes and drink until the game at noon. The more ridiculous the better. (Halloween on every home game, more or less). Additionally, as opposed to something like Comic Con, where people get their costumes molded and professionally painted, etc, the idea behind these events is to be resourceful. You use stuff you find around the house, something cheap at Walmart, etc.

Anyway, for our final home game in November, a friend and I decided to do Crow and Tom Servo. Here is the result:

(I'm Tom Servo)

(A little hard to see my buddy 'Crow' in this one)
(Girl unrelated)

Thought you guys would get a kick outta it