Author Topic: PAL Version has wrong txt file  (Read 1889 times)

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PAL Version has wrong txt file
« on: February 05, 2010, 04:54:42 PM »
Hi guys,

The text file included with the PAL version of the riff appears to be the file for the NTSC version, based on the sync times provided.


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Re: PAL Version has wrong txt file
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2010, 07:03:27 PM »
Yep, we made the PAL file ourselves this time.  If anyone would like to provide us a PAL readme, we will update the file.

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Re: PAL Version has wrong txt file
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2010, 08:57:32 AM »
If it helps, the DVD times for the PAL synch lines I have are as follows;

 Marcus 2.01
 D'ya think I'm gonna cure your cancer Serena 2.58
 You're doing something very noble 3.53
How many survivors are on site over? 12.54
Kill Kyle Reese 20.10
We've been fighting a long time 28.10
We keep our heads down they ignore us 35.10
Blair Williams 45.31
Leadership has its cost, you of all people should know that 53.48
Then command is about to bomb 1.03.11
How's that leg? 1.12.13
And you executed that programming 1.21.45
Who are you? 1.30.41
You can't put it into a chip 1.41.32

The PAL synch is almost exact with the copy of the DVD that I have, just the DA times are off.