Author Topic: Drugs are like host segments...  (Read 1998 times)

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Drugs are like host segments...
« on: June 20, 2008, 05:24:51 PM »
I think they would have made a classic host segment with this one comparing things found in the MST universe with Drugs.

Mike and Crow are on the bridge of the SOL playing with Legos. Mike's working on an impressive recreation of Michaelangelo's David. Crow is hard at work on a model of the Satellite Of Love.

Mike - "So, what about Tom Servo's underpants collection?"

Crow - "What?"

Mike - "Servo's underpants collection!"

Crow - "What about it?"

Mike - "Drugs are like that too! Gimme that!"

Mike then takes a piece of the hull from crow's model and uses it on his statue.

Crow - "What about the Umbilicus?"

Mike - "The what?"

Crow - "The umbilicus!"

Mike - "What's that?"

Crow - "You know. It's that thing that Dr. F. uses to send stupid things to us."

Mike - "Oh yeah. What about it?"

Crow - "Drugs are like that too."

Mike - "Servo! More legos! Stat!"

Then there's the sound of an approaching helicopter as Tom Servo alowly descends from above in a miniature copter carrying a huge box of legos.

Servo - "Heads up men!"

Hundreds of thousands of lego pieces then rain down upon Mike and Crow who are unphased by this.

Servo (snidely) - "You're welcome!"

Crow - "And there's TV's Frank."

Mike - "TV's who?"

Crow - "You know! TV's Frank. Doctor Foresters half-wit assistant."

Mike - "Yeah?"

Crow - "Well, drugs are like that too."

Mike - "Well, that goes without saying."