Author Topic: Any chance of getting one for the unrated release?  (Read 12031 times)

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Re: Any chance of getting one for the unrated release?
« Reply #30 on: August 30, 2014, 06:14:56 PM »
Good news. Since I own the unrated version , I decided to not bother renting the rated version and just watched the Rifftrax using that. I didn't notice any more drift in the trax than usual. And having just done the Audacity/Rifftrax combine thing, the synch lines line up throughout the film. I had to add half a second in at one point as towards the middle, the movie audio gets a beat ahead of the Rifftrax, but that was it.  You shouldn't have any problems watching the Rifftrax with the unrated version.

Mine jumped out of synch, not even 3 minutes into the movie by at least a half a second.  I didn't bother trying to resynch the rest.  Maybe if you reauthor and can check the synch lines it'll be ok but I don't recommend trying it live.

The Blu-ray is the different cut even though it is labeled as the "R" or theatrical. BUT the one on Itunes works. That is what I used for my HD reauthor.

Hmm mine did this too. The disc isn't labelled with any specific version info, it just says 'Saw'.
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