Who is the better mascot

The Great Root Bear
6 (42.9%)
Luggage Gorilla
8 (57.1%)

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Voting closed: February 16, 2008, 12:06:33 PM

Author Topic: Great Mascot Tournament: Round 1, Match 6- Great Root Bear Vs. Luggage Gorilla  (Read 1507 times)

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64 Advertising Mascots Go In, Only One Will Be Crowned Champ

The Great Root Bear (A&W) Vs. Luggage Gorilla (American Tourister)


The Great Root Bear is the popular mascot for A&W Root Beer, an American soft drink. It was first used in 1974 by Canada's A&W, and was later adopted by the American chain. In the late 1990s, the Great Root Bear's role as mascot was reduced for the restaurant chain, ultimately being replaced by "The Burger Family", although it still appears in various capacities for the restaurants and on A&W Root Beer cases in Canada.


In the American Tourister 1970 television ad, a gorilla pounds a bright red American Tourister case, throws it around a cage, jumps on it, and finally drags it out the back door. It lasted 15 years, and is cited as an example of "branding," even though the branding has elided in the public mind from American Tourister Samsonite. The 1969 ad was by Roy Grace, who also made the Alka-Seltzer ad "Mama Mia! That's a spicy meatball!" campaign. Ad Age names the gorilla ad one of the top one hundred ad campaigns of the twentieth century.

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I'm a gorilla man.  (I own a gorilla stand.)  I vividly remember that ad.  The A&W bear, indeed, the very fact that A&W had a mascot, not so much.

Besides, as creepy statues sitting out front of a restaurant go, ain't nobody beats the Big Boy.

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OK haven't a clue what either of those are but I like Gorillas