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Anything made by the Sci-Fi Channel.

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Nothing what-so-ever! I would watch ANYTYHING if it has these funnier than hell (not that hell is really humorous) dudes mocking the shit out of it!
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Transformers, which was the movie I previously thought was the worst film ever made, and I promised I'd never watch again, ended up getting a Riff and I ended up buying a used copy (hoping that none of the money would make it back to the satanic pee-pee-holes that made it).

Then, I saw one movie that I hated way, WAY more. And I doubt that if it got a riff, I'd ever watch it.

That movie... is Casshern. Not the anime, the live action film made a few years ago. I'd rather put my junk in a vice than watch it again.

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Transformers rubbed me the wrong way so badly not even a Riff Trax has coaxed me to rent the movie.

GalvaTRION, you should try watching the live action movie based upon the Devilman Anime and Manga. I swear, when the guy that plays the lead finds the love of his life's decapitated head, he reacts to it as though he was severely constipated.
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