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Seriously, is there a movie so bad you wouldn't/couldn't watch it even if it was the premier of a new MST3K series?

How about "waterworld"? Or maybe "highlander 2"....
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I like ovies.
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Why wasn't the title of this thread "ovies o ad ou ouldn't atch hem f hey ere he remier f a ew ST3K"? :D
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You couldn't make me sit through "apolean Dynamite" or "orat" ever again.  Not ever.

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there are actually many, many movies that i would never watch a second time without them being a mst episode or a rifftrax.  i really cant think of anything that i wouldnt watch with the comic commentary on top of it.  that really is the whole purpose of rifftrax, isnt it?  making something unwatchable into something watchable and also a little bit of revenge on the film makers that subjected us to the crappy movie in the first place.  i always hope that the makers of the really bad ones see the mst or the ct or the rifftrax version of their film and hear the comments made.  unfortunatly it doesnt seem to help becasue bad movies keep comming out.

Doctor Who?

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I don't think there is such a thing.

I mean come on,we are talking about the show that made Manos The hand of Fate one of my most watched movies.

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POSSIBLY the only answer for me here would be "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie." :speechless:

Some movies hurt to watch...some suck the life out of you...

...and then some provide experiences that can't be put into words.  This is that type of movie.

Seeing that it was the new MST3K premeire, though, I might sneak a peek from time to time. ;)
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POSSIBLY the only answer for me here would be "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie."

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You couldn't make me sit through "apolean Dynamite" or "orat" ever again.  Not ever.

I'm with you on that.  Especially ND.  After about 30min. of that brand of humor I had had enough.  I guess I just don't "get it."


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I saw both 'Batman And Robin' and 'Independence Day' in the movie theaters when they were released.  I hated them so much I vowed never to view either of them again.  Then Rifftrax came out.  Damn you, Rifftrax!  So yeah, I'd view anything if it was accompanied by some portion of the MST3K gang riffing on it.  I'm a sad individual with no moral fiber, I admit it.

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Considering most of us have now watched the Star Wars Holiday Special, is there really any movie we would not watch riffed?