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2D Fighters and GameTap
« on: January 03, 2008, 04:24:19 PM »
If you can translate the following, add me (CireDark) to your GameTap buddies list.


If none of the above makes any kind of sense to you, just realize that by never taking the time to learn how to play Street Fighter II, you missed out on an opportunity to enter into a geek sub-culture all it's own. However, You're probably better for it.

Even if you're not into 2D Fighters, GameTap has alot of really great retro games for those who never got into Emulators and ROM Hunting. What makes it worth it is the availability to play some of these multiplayer games on a stable online format. (Not as shady and nerd elite as Kailera)
Yeah, this sounds like a plug, but I'm really impressed, what can I say?
Anways, any other hardcore 2D Fighter Fans in here?