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Re: Indiana Jones 4
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Re: Indiana Jones 4
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Re: Indiana Jones 4
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I seem to remember Spielberg saying that the stunts, at least, would all be done by live stuntpeople, and not CGI ones.  So that's good news, at least.

Going way back here, but just a point I think I gotta make.  Even the lightsaber duel at the end of Episode III had only a couple CGI stunt doubles.  The over the top backflips were done with the computer, but everything else in that fight contained the real Ewen MacGregor and the real Hayden Christensen.  Just because the stunts are done by live people doesn't mean that the film won't be filled to the brim with CGI around those people.

Personally I don't want that, and I don't think Spielberg would do that for an Indiana Jones movie, but you never know.

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