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« Reply #20355 on: June 09, 2019, 10:09:17 PM »
Glad you've rejoined WW, PoM. I had a horrible waste-of-time frustration hit me today, or, as I call it: The Oil Change From Hell

My car's needed an oil change badly for the past 2 weeks. I usually go to Express Oil (closed) or Firestone (booked). Wound up going to Walmart Auto instead, because it couldn't wait any longer. Guy said it'd be about an hour. So me, my wife, and 10 month old wander the store like zombies for an hour. Then an hour and a half. After two hours, they finally started working on my car. Wonder how long they would've waited because the guy just said he would start working on it clearly only because I kept asking (wtf?). Then we waited more. Twenty more minutes go by, and I was mentally and physically exhausted (our kid was such a trooper!) from the walking and carrying him around not to mention the mental anguish of expectations vs. reality. Come to find out, they couldn't get the oil trap open because it was too tight. Rather then risk liability of breaking something, they told me to go back to Express (which is who did it last time).

And then we waited more. We just wanted to buy our things and leave. We were told we could pay for our things there but for some reason the lady never would until my wife asked her 3x. Then we waited even more. I was looking for our car or the guy with our key. By the time I was looking for our time-stamped receipt to find out how much time had passed since just waiting for our key, the lady said we could leave. Before I could snap back "WE CAN'T! WE'RE STILL WAITING ON OUR KEY!" the guy finally showed up with it. Of course, I had had enough at that point. I was halfway to the car through the empty parking area and just started yelling. "HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A KEY!? HOLY CRAP!! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!" and drove off.

So, yeah, I was pushed to my limit today. Couldn't even use our second car because that one was in the shop too. We have both cars now. I'm going to work in my wife's car, and she's taking mine to Express (and hopefully chew someone out there).
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« Reply #20356 on: June 15, 2019, 07:48:48 AM »
I need to go to the DMV for two things.  First to register my new car.  Second to transfer my license from Indiana to Illinois.  I've made 4 attempts so far, and made no progress.

Tuesday drove toward the Des Plaines branch but realized I didn't have my social security card which would have been required for the license.  Other documents are acceptable but I think that was the only thing I had.

Wednesday went to the Des Plaines branch to be told they didn't do vehicle services there.  I could have gone for my license, but I got it into my head that I want to do both things on the same day.

Thursday went to the Lake Zurich branch which does driver services and vehicle services.  Then I saw a sign that you can only pay the taxes by check or money order.  I did not have my check book, so I left.

Today (Saturday) I went to the Waukegan branch.  Went to the line for vehicle services to be told I needed the title.  The dealership never gave me that.

Right now I'm trying to get in touch with someone at the dealership, which is in Milwaukee (55 miles away) to see if they will mail me the title.  I hope I don't have to drive up to Milwaukee for it, but I guess I will if I have to.
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« Reply #20357 on: June 15, 2019, 09:27:21 PM »
tried calling the debt collector thats suing me, since my court date is next week, and i wanted to set up payments to avoid going to court. apparently they still want to go to court, but if i make the payments like they say, they won't go by the judgment. If the garnishment is less than their payments that they're asking for, I'll just do that. really getting slammed with one thing after the next lately.