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Re: What are you reading at the moment
« Reply #2310 on: November 27, 2017, 07:22:31 AM »
Recently I finished reading Moby Dick which took a long time to read and the damn white whale didn't even show up until the last few chapters.

I read that for a high school class.  We had the choice of reading three short books, two medium books, or a really long book, and do reports on them.  I decided to go for the one long one.  Later, for a college course, as a throwaway I mentioned how long Moby Dick is, and how Melville devoted an entire chapter to the different kinds of whales that exist.  The professor didn't believe me that the chapter was in the book. ;)

On the one hand, it's not a book I think a lot of people can get into; it is very long, not very focused in terms of a plot, and written in that 1800s style that can be very wordy.  On the other, I still think it was a well-written book and despite doing it for a class project I enjoyed it immensely.  I just had no idea when I started it that the fight against Moby Dick is practically an afterthought, and most of it is just a story about whalers and the lives they led.

I would argue the novel is about two characters reacting to Ahab as he descends into an obsession which is a metaphor for man (Ahab) killing God (the whale). Also, that chapter on Whale species is, supposedly, very exaggerated with only about 10% being correct. Personally, although long, I did enjoy Moby Dick and I still have my college copy with all my notes.

Anyway, I am reading Nigerian Sci-Fi which is amazing. The author is Nnedi Okorafor, an American born of Nigerian parents. Very awesome.

This book: is being made into an HBO series (produced by GRR Martin because he doesn't want to actually finish the GOT series).

Then there is this novella trilogy: which is much more Sci Fi than Who Fears Death. Very enjoyable.
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Re: What are you reading at the moment
« Reply #2311 on: December 16, 2017, 08:44:33 AM »
Without Fail
 by Lee Child

The sixth book in the Jack Reacher series stills finds interesting and exciting situations to throw the lead character into.  This time he gets involved in an assassination plot working for the government agency that once employed his dead brother Joe.  He also becomes romantically involved with a Secret Service agent who happens to be Joe's ex-girlfriend.  One of the things that I felt kept this story interesting is that it often kept me guessing and when I thought it would lead somewhere predictable it instead went somewhere unexpected.  Right up until the climactic confrontation with the would be assassins at the end.  There's also this sort of "Ramblin' Man" vibe that starts and ends the novel.  There are plenty of callbacks to his brother's death which is an important event way back in the first book but I don't think it necessary to read that in order to understand this one.  Although having read the books in the order they were published I feel adds a better appreciation for the material.
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Re: What are you reading at the moment
« Reply #2312 on: December 16, 2017, 09:15:44 AM »
I started this a while back:

Then this came out so I stopped reading that and read it:

Now I'm back reading the first pictured.

Strange Music is the latest in Alan Dean Foster's Pip and Flinx stories, they go to a bronze age world to stop someone from messing around with the locals using advanced technology.  The language used by the population of the planet is songlike, speaking without harmony or rhyme is offensive to them, this makes relations with the planet difficult.

Alien Covenant: Origins is a novel about the launching of the ship from the movie Covenant, with a radical group trying to stop the launch.

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Re: What are you reading at the moment
« Reply #2313 on: January 30, 2018, 04:05:42 AM »

The movie is pretty good, especially for James Franco's amazing Tommy Wiseau impression. But the book is MUCH better. I don't get the impression that Greg Sistero is all that funny IRL, which is probably where co-writer Tom Bissell comes in. Greg provides the facts, as best he remembers them, and Bissell makes them entertaining to read.

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Re: What are you reading at the moment
« Reply #2314 on: February 21, 2018, 06:48:32 PM »
Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan...

I am excited about the movie adaptation of this book.