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Did you enjoy ? Are you craving more stop-motion dinosaurs battling toys controlled by anime protagonists? Then boy have I got a movie for you!

In Return of the Dinosaurs, a passing comet causes massive environmental devastation across the Earth, and reveals dinosaurs have hidden underneath the ground all this time. Naturally, the government decides the highest priority is to make sure the dinosaurs aren't harmed. And so the Dinosaur Patrol, consisting of two scientists, an engineer, a ten year old kid, and a cowardly moron who spends most of his screentime complaining, set off in a futuristic Winnebago to help save the dinosaurs. Usually by shooting things at them.

This movie has it all! Terrible animation, hilariously inept dinosaur puppetry, and some of the most stilted and unnatural voice acting you will ever hear. When your voice cast is being out-acted by the dinosaurs, you know you're in trouble.

After their sterling work on Attack of the Super Monsters, I'd love to see the Boys tackle this one. Plus, I'm pretty sure the movie is now in the public domain.
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