Author Topic: So did we learn anything?  (Read 148 times)

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So did we learn anything?
« on: November 17, 2020, 05:08:13 AM »
I learned that experienced federal law enforcement agents can be easily rattled by nudity.
I learned that if you are tracking a body switching alien and you track down the last known contact this alien had, you should throw some softball questions and give up.
I learned that it is morally acceptable for your "heroine" to harbor a murderous alien and then use that alien to murder another human for personal gain.  Seriously, this is a perfect example of the Designated Hero trope, with the federal agents as the Designated Villains
I learned that fleabag cowboy themed motels have room service.
I learned that government agents hunting an alien need to maintain CIA levels of secrecy when questioning witnesses, but will still openly inform the media about the manhunt.
I learned that if you are accessory to multiple murders, a couple counts of grand larceny, and assault, the federal government will just forget about it and let you go.
I learned that paprika gives aliens orgasms.  I once watched a porn with this plot.  Except it was some unnamed ingredient in salsa, and actually they weren't aliens.
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