Snitches get Stitches, but did you?

Top Tier Rifftrax. A classic in their top....let's say 50.
0 (0%)
Close to classic, but not quite Birdemic or Guy From Harlem
1 (100%)
It's good; it isn't great, but it is good.(not great, mind you. Good.)
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whatever is just above "middle of the road". Higher part of the road?
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Middle of the road. Solid, dependable, workmanlike.
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Just on the bad side of "meh"
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Now we're just arguing degrees of "not good"....
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I watched it once. That's plenty. Not good
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Almost the worst of the worst!
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Bottom Tier Rifftrax. One of their worst offerings ever.
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Author Topic: I really loved this one! How about you--a ranking, won't you?  (Read 103 times)

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I did not expect to like this one or even watch the whole thing. But, I was wrong. This had the perfect blend of WTF and great riffing. I was going to write a long spoiler-filled review, but decided to create the poll instead.
I think Suburban Sasquatch was a new classic for Rifftrax, and while this can't possible reach those heights, it was really really funny. The movie NEVER leaves the house and it is set in either the 1990s, 1870s? 1920? I know the guys mention this right in the description, but seriously, there is no way to tell---it's crazy. Do cars exist? Trains are mentioned. A telephone is mentioned though never seen. They might have electricity, though candles are also used... I think even if this wasn't such a funny one, I might have kept watching just in hopes of figuring this out. I never did. There are many things in this movie that are just nuts. I laughed out loud several times. There's a point when a character is talking and says "....sure, I know you think I'm just making clever conversation..." and Bill interrupts "NO I DON'T" and the timing or inflection--or maybe just my mood--but damn it was funny. And it gets funnier toward the end because the movie itself gets dumber, especially after we get down to just the Professor and Mary-Ann and the paper dolls (that may make sense after you watch it--though the Professor&Mary-Ann thing is just my own thoughts of those 2 characters.)
Anyway, I would love to know everyone else's thoughts on this one!
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