Author Topic: This is one of the really funny ones!  (Read 227 times)

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This is one of the really funny ones!
« on: April 25, 2020, 12:53:13 AM »
For me, this one is up there with Wonder Women, Psychotropic Man and some of the really popular ones like The Room and Birdemic. Of course it depends on your taste. I like movies with a really high WTF factor. This movie has that in abundance. Below is my thrilling liveblog/review containing a lot of spoilers:
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Robo Vampires, Rifftrax, color, 70s Hong Kong movie! I’m 12mins in and this is one wacky movie. There are no robo anything, just weird vampires that hop around, dressed in old timey clothes. Some drug smuggling plot.  Terrible dubbing.  High wtf factor. 16mins in and we have breasts seen through a sheer top. Yay? This movie is fucking crazy. Lots of karate fighting, crouching tiger, hidden dragon stuff, though this must predate that by decades. Ok, a vampire in a gorilla mask who bunny hops is going to marry the sheer-topped bra less ghost lady. I don’t think these are vampires.  Wait. They’re turning a dead body into a robot. No clue why. The military are doing this I think. There’s a shootout. Ok, movie is about drugs? There’s a cute blonde. Terrible dubbing.  So the robocop has just been surrounded on a beach by these weird hopping Asian.... vampires. (I don’t think there are any vampires in this movie) they just hop around robocop in a circle.  Now the basically-topless lady seems about to get it on with a gorilla dressed like the hopping vampires. There are a lot of shootouts in this movie.  Oh no, they killed topless ghost witch lady! The Chinese hoping vampires are led by the one in the gorilla mask. Also topless lady back from dead already. Well that ended. It’s a top Rifftrax. Lotsa wtf moments=Lotsa lol moments!
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