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I have only myself to blame
« on: December 31, 2019, 11:51:24 AM »
So, guess who was foolish enough to watch this right before bed?

I didn't get through the entire thing, but clearly I watched enough to leave an impact.

My dream started with my mom reminding me I was late for school, it was 8:30AM already, and I had to be dressed as a clown. The problem, of course, is that I could barely get together a decent clown outfit because I was already running late. No time to find white greasepaint, thought about settling for just inking in some hearts on my cheeks or chin with a pen. Kept finding out that either my shirt or pants were missing.

Once in clown school, we had a binder of lesson pages to refer to. Brief incident about page number vs chapter number, minor embrassment, nothing big, but the lesson was the framing device for a comedy short about an evil clown. The whole gag was that this was a child-abucting murderous clown, but the children he had trapped were just mildly complaining about his act getting stale "We don't dislike the bit but you've been doing it for hours." This terminates in him switching off the light and the narrator telling us that all of the children were killed.

Cut to a "but actually the REAL killer was" and segway to a headless doll, which got up and turned out to be one of the children, a three-year old.
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