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Quick review
« on: November 30, 2019, 01:13:08 PM »
Honestly, when something this terrible with a non existence budget is put out there, I usually cringe and want to take the knee on them. Stylistic-shitastic direction, like Birdemic of the Room are in fact few and far between. Mostly it is unwatchable junk. But this, this was a special kind of stupid that brought a smile to my face. So ineptly done that Star Games looks like 2001 in the effects department, line reading so terrible Chris Lemmon can outact them even if only aping his father. So incoherent and randomly based on who wasn't at home so they could shoot footage there and who wasn't working at 'Subway' that day so they could be in it, it was godawful in a truly memorable way.

And for me, the guys hit a home run. The content is so inept they can focus on anything at any given moment and mine it for gold, and they do. Despite the awfulness of the movie, I enjoyed it immensly because of the riffing. Now unlike others, I would only hit some of the Polina Bros work occasionally, since it could wear a guy down real fast, but for now, this was awesome in my book.