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Comic-con 2020!
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:48:20 PM »
I went to comic con today and I had an absolute blast!!!! I dressed up as Bro Thor From Avengers endgame, most of the costume I was able to pull off, except I don’t have a beard and I couldn’t find the right color jogging pants so I just wore a pair of blue jeans. But at least I had decent replicas of Mjolnir and storm breaker. I even had a wig and dark sunglasses. I took off the wig after about two hours because it was just too damn hot to wear!!

Since both my hands were occupied the whole time at comic con I couldn’t take any pictures. However I did get to meet Avengers endgame star Lexi Rabe, Who portrayed Morgan stark, Tony and Pepper’s daughter. That was definitely the highlight of my day because that kid was so sweet and wonderful and if I ever have kids I hope they turn out some thing like her. Seriously, that girl is super awesome.

I saw lots of people dressing up as some very cool characters. Lots of women and girls dressed as Harly quin, Joker, Batman and at least two guys dressed up as Darth Vader, here are some of my favorites:
Janet(The good Place)
Star-lord (Gotg/Avengers)
Thor(no, not me)
Darkwing dark
Godzilla(yes seriously there was a guy in a big huge Godzilla suit)
Captain Marvel (Avengers)
Captain America
Anyone cosplaying as a five nights at Freddies character