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One Man Band: Not Dead Yet!
« on: October 01, 2019, 09:26:28 AM »
Hey all,

Been awhile since I've been here, but the end of 2018-most of 2019 has been an interesting time.  Mainly:

Lost a job (and got a new one)
Been writing horror stuff for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (some of it on YouTube!)
Lost my Dad in August (anyone who has listened to the MK: Annihilation riff would know him as the voice of "Not Sarge Crumley" and as "The Hand" in the Atom Age Vampire VOD)
And awaiting third child coming early this month.

Yeah, so, OMB work has fallen by the way side, but I have not given up! I still have some stuff to work on, as well as a project that has been in the works but has not yet been released that is the first in (what I hope) a long term series called "Tales from the Bunker," essentially a half hour show of things involving the OMB crew in an audio podcast when they are not making fun of movies.

Oh, and Dragonball: Evolution is still on the stove.  Probably burnt to a crisp by now.
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