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Now Available - Rats: Night of Terror
« on: March 30, 2019, 12:58:39 AM »


The atomic bombs have fallen, and a plucky brigade of… well, let’s face it, morons, are all that remains of humanity.

For reasons unexplained, they go into town. Why do they live in out in the desert instead of town? This is also not explained. When it turns out that the building they’ve chosen to spend the night in is infested with rats who begin to pick them off one by one, why do they not leave? Not explai—Hey, you’re already ahead of us!

Rats: Night of Terror delivers an abundance of the first word of its title, and pretty much none of the last word. You’ll meet characters such as Video, Chocolate, Lucifer, and Rat Victim #2. You will wonder how someone gets a job dumping buckets full of live rats onto willing actors, because honestly, it seems kind of fun. And you will encounter a titanicly idiotic plot twist that we really wish happened earlier in the movie.

Please join Mike, Kevin, and Bill (all apprentice rat wranglers) for Rats: Night of Terror!

Written by: Michael J. Nelson, Conor Lastowka and Sean Thomason
Contributing writers: Zachary Shatzer, Jason Miller

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Re: Now Available - Rats: Night of Terror
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 04:21:09 PM »
What happened to the female writer? Molly Hodgdon? It's like a boy's club in here. I know Bridget and Mary Jo do riffing, but not with the main writers.