Author Topic: Now Available - Day of the Shorts: SF Sketchfest 2019  (Read 751 times)

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Now Available - Day of the Shorts: SF Sketchfest 2019
« on: March 26, 2019, 08:53:53 AM »


Performed and recorded live at SF Sketchfest in the beautiful Castro Theatre, now available for The Comfort Of Your Own Home Fest, it’s Day of the Shorts: Sketchfest 2019!

Bill and Kevin are joined onstage by the great Paul F. Tompkins, and together they host and riff an amazing set of bizarre short films. The shorts cover every subject under the sun (y’know, because “Day”), from workplace safety to childhood safety to sentient talking pillow safety.

And that’s not all - we’ve got more guests, riffing teams and legends galore! John Hodgman, Frank Conniff & Trace Beaulieu, Cole Stratton & Janet Varney, and Bridget Nelson with Sean Thomason, RiffTrax Senior Writer, making his live riffing debut. No semi-educational short subject is safe from this crew, as they take on party-going, farm-familying, and an old cartoon about the dangers of being a kid that must be seen to be believed.

The show culminates in an “all-skate” with all 10 riffers taking the stage for the vintage conspiracy theory hysteria of Flying Saucer Mystery!

It’s a big, crazy show you don’t want to miss, and you don’t have to, because here it is, right now, where you can get it! What luck!
Riffed shorts include:
The Hothead and The Forgetter
Cindy Goes to a Party
Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care of Your Own Things
Farm Family in Spring
Mighty Mr. Titan
Are You Listening
Cautious Twins
Play Safe
Flying Saucer Mystery

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Re: Now Available - Day of the Shorts: SF Sketchfest 2019
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2019, 06:36:32 AM »
I feel sorry for Frank, he was on fire and yet Mary Jo via cell phone from her death bed would have still been more understandable than Trace.

How does Janet manage to get hotter and hotter?
Meanwhile, DJ Wrong Equipment's career continues to go nowhere.

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Re: Now Available - Day of the Shorts: SF Sketchfest 2019
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2019, 10:29:27 PM »
These appearances at SF Sketchfest always seem to have audio problems.