Author Topic: Simple conversion formula when altering time_offset  (Read 2646 times)

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Simple conversion formula when altering time_offset
« on: February 19, 2012, 01:53:20 AM »
To convert an existing sync file to one that fits your offsets:

1. First fix the starting offset. Adjust ONLY riffdelay_init so that it starts exactly where it should
2. multiply your riffdelay_init by the time_offset. This is your base time offset value
3. Find a spot in the next chapter where its obvious the sync is off. If its off by a lot very quickly then the time_offset is probably 0.9xxxx when it should be 1.0xxx or vice versa

Next, you do a guess and check procedure with the following:
4. Adjust your time_offset. If the riff is late, make it larger. If its early, make it smaller
5. Create your new riffdelay_init by dividing your base time offset by your new time_offset
6. Check the beginning then skip around to see if it stays in sync up to the end. Its key that the beginning is in sync. Note that sometimes it becomes more obvious how off you are at the beginning when you improve things, so you may have to recalculate your base riffdelay value with new values.

old values:

140.6 * 0.96629 = 135.86 <--- base riffdelay value

new values:

135.86 / 1.001 = 135.72 <--- new riffdelay value