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DVD collectors: Opinions wanted
« on: March 01, 2019, 11:13:12 AM »
The Order of the League has been offering used DVDs with custom cases for over a year now, and we are preparing to start offering Blu-ray as well. Since one of the main purposes of collecting these cases is so they all look nice on a shelf, I am wondering if the Blu-ray editions should look different at all. Then again, people might want to know which movies they own on Blu-ray without opening all of them up.

As a collector, would you prefer a visible difference? If so, would a small icon on the spine (next to the volume number) suffice, or would a white or clear case make them distinct enough? (Blue is the obvious choice, but nobody seems to make them in double-disc versions). Alternatively, are you so done with DVD that you would like them to be redesigned to fit actual Blu-ray covers (keeping in mind that some titles are not available in Blu-ray)?

I created a poll on the QuipTracks twitter account: https://twitter.com/QuipTracks/status/1101556743207899136 If you vote there and comment here, let me know so I don't count your input twice.
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