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Best TV of 2018
« on: December 28, 2018, 01:17:10 PM »
What do you guys think is the best TV of 2018, based on what you have scene.

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Re: Best TV of 2018
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2018, 04:25:14 PM »
The Good Place was the best thing on TV again this year, IMO, but I also loved Sabrina and of course MST3K: The Gauntlet.

But I also didn't watch a lot of TV, and there is a lot of stuff I'll be catching up on.

Johnny Unusual

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Re: Best TV of 2018
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2018, 06:33:46 PM »
My list.  A lot of animation this year.  I am watching a ton of anime (including some real trash.  Don't ask about Banana Fish.  It's... problematic).

10. MST3k - A very good season that fixes some of the previous seasons issues.  Still, there was some tough competition this year.
9. Run with the Wind - A touching and often funny sports drama about college students who discover their shared housing is a scam to start a new relay running team... with the goal of tackling Japan's most grueling mountain race.
8. Megalo Box - Worth watching.  Every episode unleashes real surprises.  The fact that there isn't a big surprise in the finale isn't a weakness, though, because after the journey, you are SO in for the final battle.
7. Golden Kamuy - One of the year's most pleasant surprises.  Tonally, it's such a weird show:  A super-violent action adventure that takes frequent stops to teach it's audience about local cuisine (and how food brings us together) and Ainu culture that's also very funny and then blindsides you after a lot of black comedy silliness with some serious emotional beats and a killer final conflict for the season!
6. Bob's Burgers - I feel like I have less to say about this.  It's continues to reign over Simpson's throne of king of adult comedy cartoons that the whole family can enjoy.
5. Devilman Crybaby - Anything Masaaki Yuasa makes, I'm on board with.  It's violent as hell and while it is fairly faithful to the story that the original manga set forth, it is a visual feast of horror, action and high melodramatic pathos.  It's just gorgeous.
4. Bojack Horseman - If they did this season even a little wrong, it could have been a disaster.  The season deals with the fact that Bojack may be one of the new villains of the Me Too era and rightfully so.  To have us keep with the show and the character after that is a bold move, but it is the right one, taking us to dark new places while earning the right not to let us like or even forgive  Bojack, but to hope that he can work towards redemption and self-improvement.  This season feels like a gambit that's paid off in comedy and harrowing drama.
3. Steven Universe - Only 16 episodes (though one is an hour-long) will have aired this year, but A Single Pale Rose is another episode that completely changes the game for the series and Reunited feels like a well-earned and story-packed episode that resolves a lot of the series conflict, only to leave our heroes and their enemies in a weird place with each other.
2. Adventure Time - Fantastic finale.  Time Adventure is a beautiful song.  This only had 8 episodes this year but it earned it's place as one of animations most fantastic series.
1. Better Call Saul - Still my favourite series right now.  I love it more than Breaking Bad, which was great but also had a bit of fat and narrative cul-de-sacs.  Here, it feels like Gilligan and Gould learned all their lessons and made a show that both feels tighter and at the same time feels much more comfortable, not having to be in a hurry to get anywhere.  When I complain about the Marvel shows problems with pace, it's not that the show is "slow".  Better Call Saul is "slow" done right because while scenes play out at their own pace, each scene is so cinematic and hypnotic, none of the seconds feel wasted even when it is spent on quiet scenes of people doing things.  The cold open to "Winner" is beautiful and sad and telling about the strange, tragic relationship of the McGill boys.

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Re: Best TV of 2018
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2018, 12:13:19 AM »
My list is shorter because a lot of my TV-watching has been out of loyalty/obligation at this point. (Hi, Walking Dead, Family Guy, Simpsons. See you again next year!) But there were a few standouts:

MST3K was great, of course.

Bob's Burgers remains fantastic as well. There's always a point in a great Fox animated show's life where I realize with astonishment that it's the part of the lineup I've come to look forward to the most. Bob's Burgers has been there for at least half a decade now.

Disenchantment isn't there yet, but it has a pretty good running start considering it's only 10 episodes old. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Venture Brothers had the strongest season in a long time.

And The Tick is fantastic. I'm a big enough fan that I'm willing to settle a LOT just to see more Tick, but I feel like I didn't even have to settle. It's not quite as funny as the Edlund comics or the cartoon, but it's a thousand times more fascinating. It might actually be one of the best superhero TV shows. It does some fascinating deconstructing underneath the goofy sense of humor. Also, The Terror's escape pod is probably my new favorite visual gag of all time.