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Question about posting audio for streaming/download..
« on: December 05, 2018, 09:00:45 AM »

There is a film on amazon prime i was looking to riff.  Is it difficult to pair YouTube audio with a film from another media source?  Is there an easy place to put mp3's for download to sync with a film?  My first thought was just upload the audio to YouTube and give them a hard point where they should start the mp3 back up (1st lions roar like Mike used to do), as well as recite portions of film lines to keep them in sync with the riff audio at different points.

Any help/tips/pointers is appreciated. And again thanks to the community for allowing me to participate in the Great Alaskan Mystery. Just a funny note, the first episode I riffed got 134 views.  The last episode (as in the final episode of the serial, chapter 13) that I riffed got 13.  If you're still hanging from the cliff to see how it ends, it's still out there and I'm not taking it away.

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