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October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« on: September 30, 2018, 06:21:45 PM »
Holy cow, is this the 9th year of doing this?  Well, I'll keep things short as I can ruleswise, though at this point I don't know if it'll be easier for me this year to do or harder due to some harsh stuff that's happened in life, but I'm still going to try as I always do.

The goal: 31 days, 31(-ish) movies (the -ish will be explained)

1. Horror is broadly defined; a thriller with a serial killer or stalker is just as viable as a horror comedy or the latest Cronenberg body-horror fest.  However, anything that has a single scary moment, or is 'so bad, it's horrifying' does not count.  I remit, as usually do, that Chairman of the Board is not a candidate, no matter how terrifying it is to sit through.

2. If you miss a day, you can make it up.  However, you cannot 'front-load' by watching three movies and then intentionally taking three days off (though that's more the 'honor system' than anything).

3. The watching begins at midnight, October 1st and ends 11:59 PM, October 31st, on your local time.

4. As this is the Rifftrax forum, riffed films are not only acceptable, but encouraged!

5. Each movie in a franchise is considered a separate entry, so feel free to watch nothing but Jason, Freddy, and Myers if you want.

6. Forgot this one! TV specials count, so Peanuts Halloween is perfectly acceptable. It used to be an "at least an hour" rule, but eh, this is for fun, so what the heck.

Movie 1: Rifftrax: Mutant (1984/2012)
Movie 2: DeepStar Six (1989)
Movie 3: Dolls (1987)
Movie 4: Howling II: Your Regional Subtitle Goes Here (1984)
Movie 5: Nightmare City (1980)
Movie 6: Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)
Movie 7: Scarecrows (1988)
Movie 8: The Brain Eaters (1958)
Movie 9: Mystery Science Theater 3000: Devil Fish (1984/1998)
Movie 10: Rifftrax: Ghosthouse (1988/2012)
Movie 11: Zombie Creeping Flesh/Night of the Zombies/Hell of the Living Dead (1980)
Movie 12: Howling V (1989)
Movie 13: The Ghost (1963)
Movie 14: Murder Mansion/Maniac Mansion (1972)
Movie 15: Terror in the Crypt (1964)
Movie 16: The Church (1989)
Movie 17: EvilSpeak (1982)
Movie 18: Mausoleum (1982)
Movie 19: The Dead Pit (1989)
Movie 20: Body Melt (1993)
Movie 21: Charlie Brown's Halloween Special (1966)
Movie 22: Microwave Massacre (1981)
Movie 23: Terrorvision (1986)
Movie 24: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Movie 25: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIX (2018)
Movie 26: Bob's Burgers: Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street (2018)
Movie 27: Rifftrax: The Dark Power (1985/2015)
Movie 28: Halloween (2018)
Movie 29: Hocus Pocus (1993)
Movie 30: Rifftrax: Terror at Tenkiller (1986/2014)
Movie 31: Society (1989)
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2018, 10:00:38 PM »
Okay, I'm in again. Once again, I am trying to watch films that I have not done in years past. Not a rule, just a personal policy.

Oct 1- Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014) (Viruses)*
Oct 2- Hell and Back (2015) (Devils)*
Oct 3- Flight 666 (2018)* (Ghosts)*
Oct 4- Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (2015) (A Ghost Shark)*
Oct 5- MST3k Episode 701- Night of the Blood Beast (1996) (Alien Space Shrimp)
Oct 6- Goal of the Dead (2014) (Zombies) (en Francais)*
Oct 7- Jigsaw (2017) (Serial Killer)*
Oct 8- You Can't Kill Stephen King (2015) (It might be Stephen King)*
Oct 9- The Wraith (1986) (Ghost Car)
Oct 10- Hellfire (2014) (Antichrist)*
Oct 11- Tales from the Hood 2 (2018) (Anthology)*
Oct 12- 5 Headed Shark Attack (2017) (Sharks)*
Oct 13- Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories (2015) (Anthology)*
Oct 14: Afterimages (2017) (Anthology)*
Oct 15: Octopus 11 (2000) (Octopus)*
Oct 16: Poltergeist 3
Oct 17: Murder Party (2007) (Psycho)*
Oct 18: Day of the Dead: Bloodlines (2018) (Zombies)*
Oct 19: Truth or Dare (2018)*
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 05:40:48 PM »
Ok. I'm in, but late so will have just a little bit of catching up to do.

Oct 4
(1) Rifftrax: Gammera (1965) (Giant Flying Turtle Monster)
(2) Oasis of the Zombies (1982) (Nazi Zombies)
(3) 47 Meters Down (2017) (Survival Horror / Sharks)
Oct 5
(4) MST3K: 0624 Samson vs The Vampire Women (1962) (Vampire Women)
(5) Xtro (1982) (Scifi Horror / Killer Alien)

All caught up now...
(6) Robo Vampire (1988) (cigarette smoking Chinese hopping vampires, a vampire beast, a ghost witch- there’s also a cyborg, but not a vampire robot as the title implied)
(7) Zombie Lake (1981) aka Lake of the Living Dead (Nazi Zombies)
(8 ) Rifftrax: Terror at Tenkiller (1986 / 2014) (Psycho Killer)
(9) The Aftermath (1982) aka Zombie Aftermath (Mutants / Sid Haig)
(10) Rifftrax: Fever Lake (1996 / 2015) (Pyscho Killer)
(11) Rifftrax: The Bride and the Beast (1958 / 2014) (Gorilla, reincarnated gorilla bride, tigers)
(12) MST3K  811: Parts-The Clonus Horror (1979 / 1997) (Horror in the title, human clones used for parts)
(13) Cinematic Titanic: 03 The Wasp Woman (1959 / 2008) aka The Bee Girl and Insect Woman (a Wasp Woman)

Got busy with other things and not going to come close to making 31 as a result (and some of what I’m including is questionable as even qualifying). Planned to only do movies, but only way I do come close is to include TV shows. While most of these were on different days, these numbers no longer match the days of the month I watched them like I was shooting for early.

(14) The Haunting of Hill House- 3 episodes- Netflix “horror” series
(15) Walking Dead- 1st 2 episodes of the current season.
(16) Simpsons Treehouse of Horror- Several episodes
(17) Parks and Recreation- a couple of Halloween episodes
(18) Terrifier (2017) (Killer Clown)
(19) All Hallow’s Eve (2013) (Killer Clown, Killer Alien)
(20) Bob’s Burgers- Halloween episodes- all of em.
(21) MST3K:  812 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies (1964 / 1997) (Zombies sort of I guess)
(22) Moontrap (1989) (Killer Aliens)
(23) Moontrap Target Earth (2017) (being a sequel I expected more Killer Aliens…not sure what the hell this was)
(24) Rifftrax: Mutant (1984 / 2012) (Zombies)
(25) Rifftrax: The Last Shark (1981 /2016) (Shark)
 (26) Rifftrax: The Bermuda Triangle (1978 / 2012) (Evil Doll / myth around disappears in the Bermuda Triangle involved, but never have nor do I still understand how the evil doll is supposed to be linked)
(27) South Park Halloween episodes- a bunch of em running on Comedy Central today
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2018, 09:00:42 PM »
And reviews!  Sorry, have been too busy to do this until today...

1. Mutant
Wings Hauser and his brother arrive in a small town.  People bleed yellow acid from their hands and try to eat them.  They do not take kindly to this.
The Rifftrax edition of this is just grand, although I am still not a fan of the Disembaudio Wings Hauser song at the end.  Favorite line: "Evenin', Wally!"  "Evening, Clyde!  How's the family?"

2. DeepStar Six
That 80s guy who kind of looks like Griffin Dunne but isn't along with the guy who looks like Miguel Ferrer because it is (and a guest appearance by the Russian scientist from Spy Hard who shouts, "It can also bring world peace!") run into issues when disturbing the ocean bed causes a bad-tempered crab monster to attack their underwater sea base.
I remember this mainly due to the box art, because I hadn't seen it before this day, but I can see why it didn't leave much of an impression.  While the monster brings some much needed excitement to the proceedings, it comes a bit late into the movie, and it really isn't necessary because the crew does a pretty good job of doing themselves in for the most part.  Miguel does do a good job of playing a nervous breakdown, though, because his character really does have a very bad day.

3. Dolls
A bunch of obvious lowlifes (along with a little girl and a kind of doofy guy) take shelter in a toymaker's house during a storm, only to find his toys aren't very keen on their guests.
This is one of the Gordon/Yuzna projects I had not seen, and to be fair, except for a couple of choice shots is probably their most lighthearted entry.  Heck, it's surprising that their gory reshoots ended up not being used because THEY thought it didn't fit the tone of the film, considering how Reanimator and From Beyond practically define the 'Unrated' Director's Cut.  What's funny is that John Carl Buechler was involved in the effects, considering how this movie feels a lot more like Troll than the typical Stuart Gordon fare.  In any event, not particularly scary, but silly, and in a good way.

4. Howling II
I'm very excited that all the crappy Howling sequels are free on Prime, because until this year, the only ones I had seen were Howling III (which is almost unwatchably horrid) and VI (which was just meh with a crummy wolfman costume).  But now I get to see Reb Brown screaming in all his glory.  And yes, the movie lives up to its reputation.  It's stupid and disjointed, but joyously so, and while very little of it makes sense, Reb blowing away cheap Yeti costumes makes it all worthwhile.  (As a bonus, I already watched IV; while it is a somewhat more faithful retelling, it is still not a great movie, but better than I expected it to be.  The 'melting' transformation scene is properly disgusting, but I still found it funny that the wife sees her husband melting into goo and just runs away like he asked her to pick up a bottle of milk.)

5. Nightmare City
A plane in Spain spills Italian radiation monsters on the plain.  Hijinks ensue.
Knowing the big reveal at the end didn't really ruin the movie for me, because really, the movie doesn't exist to be a coherent narrative as much as it is one story interrupted by a bunch of pointless side stories and gratuitous nudity and violence.  Also, even though they are not technically zombies (they are dead, but they are irradiated ghouls), it gets props for being one the earliest 'fast zombie' movies.  That said, there are more enjoyable Italo-sploitation movies out there, but the movie has its moments, not the least of which is when Hugo Stiglitz's character's wife goes into a rambling philosophical discussion for no reason whatsoever.

6. Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Vincent Price returns to go to Egypt and raise his wife from the dead.  He ends up killing several people on the way, because when you're an evil scientist, it's just what you do.
Having never seen the original movie, I do want to now, because this campy 70s romp is probably inferior but was still fun to watch.  I'm not sure if I'm just remembering incorrectly or it was pointed out, but Phibes shares a LOT in common with (and likely inspired in same way) the Batman revival of Mr. Freeze; both are villainous characters sympathetic due to what happened to their wives.  The difference with Phibes is that while he is clearly deranged and psychotic, most of the people he deals with are generally worse.  I will say the first death of the movie is probably one of the funniest things I've seen so far, and that's mainly from the sound effects used (to say more spoils too much).
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #4 on: October 07, 2018, 10:19:11 PM »
Okay, review time-

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
After finding a person seemingly immune to a deadly virus, the survivor is whisked away to an island facility, seemingly never to be released again. Meanwhile, a man about to be married and his buddies from when he was growing up head off on a last get away before he gets married...

Featuring a guest appearance from Icebreaker's Rudy! Meh. One of the things important to a horror film is to have characters who  you care about if they live or die. And frankly, there was one, maybe two, characters in the cast of about 12 people who was a decent enough human being whom that applied to. Nice makeup jobs for some of the infected. Decent plot twist towards the end. But overall, I just didn't care if these idiots lived or died.  Meh.

Hell and Back
After signing a pact with the devil in exchange for a breath mint, a loser working at a carnival is plunged into hell and his bigger loser friends must enter hell to rescue him.

Getting out of the way first- this is a stop motion animation film, with decent animation. It's not Wallace and Grommit levels of work, but it's decent enough. The character models could be better, but there's some fairly nice background stuff that feels a bit like it came from a Tool video. Unfortunately, the script sucks. The trio of main characters includes the loser whose life goal is working at the carnival and who finds a magic tome, the guy plunged into hell who is starting to thing that not working at a carnival might be  a good idea, and the fat kid who's a punching bag for the jokes. There's also the devil, a hot angel and Mila Kunis. And sadly, it's just not funny. Too many of the jokes are of the "laugh at the losers" variety or too low brow for my tastes. It wasn't completely devoid of humor like the noun movies, but it's not much of a comedy. One minor exception- there's a running gag on how Hell isn't really well run these days and the punishments are getting rather lame. Forcing people to walk across lukewarm coals, for example. Or forcing them to eat at a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut that's out of pizza. Those running gags were amusing, at least, but sadly the rest of the film is rather meh. Decent voice cast though.

Flight 666
In an attempt to get revenge on their killer, a group of ghosts haunt the passengers on a cross country flight.

I kinda liked this one. Not much of a budget, and most of that went to the ghost effects, but they do the best with what they have. The plot is played straight, with no winking at the camera. The characters act like actual humans with normal human reactions.  And the revelation for why there are ghosts on the plane and who they are looking for is decently done. It's a decent little horror film. Worth a watch.

Nothing to say about Ghost Shark 2. Blood Beast? Folks have seen.

Goal of the Dead
A French soccer team with a washed up player arrives in that player's hometown to play an exhibition game, only to receive a rather frosty reception. Oh, and a local doctor who has been doping up his son with steroids accidentally injects him with a Russian bioweapon agent that turns him into a zombie. Whoopsie. Things go badly at the game after that.

Over recent years, I've tried to tried to watch a film every October in a foreign language, just because. This is this year's entry.  It's not bad. Played straight throughout. No cheesiness. No winks at the camera. Just some setup and then zombies show up, and these are not only fast zombies, but zombies with some intelligence still. I'm not quite sure why no one in small town France seems to have a cell phone in 2015, but whatever. It's a decent enough zombie films, with a couple of unique beats. 1) The scheming agent (think Burke from Aliens) turns out to be a savate master, adding a nice "Wow. The scumbag is actually useful!" plot element to the film. 2) Midway through, there's, well, I'm not sure if they put in a trailer for another film about soccer players or if they put in a flashback in the film and made it in the style of a French romance film. and 3) during the credits, there's some "comedy" bits that fall flat. Like "SNL segment 15 minutes before the show ends" levels of flat.  Still, decent enough zombie flick.

When a number of bodies begin to appear, the authorities begin to suspect that the serial killer Jigsaw is not really dead and has more people playing his game.

Good lord. Jigsaw must have  had a small assembly plant worth of people helping him out. Every blasted film, "Oh, this person was assisting Jigsaw in his crusade..." Anyway, I kinda like the Saw films. They haven't gone silly like NoES or F13 did. Just every few years we get a bunch of folks tossed into complex machines that might kill them for some sort of loose reason that comes together in the final few minutes. This one's fairly typical. The "game" parts are pretty well done. The "rationale" seems a little shakier than usual, although I think I missed the prior film to this, so maybe I was missing some setup. Anyway, it won't win new converts to the series, but it should please fans of Saw.
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2018, 09:59:16 AM »
OK, reviews, but brief reviews:

Rifftrax: Gammera (1965)
I have to be in the right mood for these movies and I just wasn't feeling this one. Watched it really as a test of the Rifftrax Roku channel and the MST3K episodes is far superior.

Oasis of the Zombies (1982)
Nazis killed when transporting a shipment of gold have come back as zombies protecting the gold. Rather boring with terrible zombie makeup.

47 Meters Down (2017)
Picked by the wife. Better than I was expecting. 2 girls on a vacation in Mexico meet some guys and take a tourist trip to swim with sharks in a cage when the cable holding the cage breaks and they end up 47 meters down. Not great, but better than a lot of shark movies (no silly enormous sharks or sharks with agendas, just normal sharks).
MST3K: 0624 Samson vs The Vampire Women (1962)
Sad for being TV Franks last episode, but a good way for him to go out. Movie goofy and made for good riffing.

Xtro (1982)
Far better as horror then I was expecting. Practical effects very entertaining. Midget clowns truly scary.

Robo Vampire (1988)
Very entertaining in it's awfulness. Kind of 2 movies in 1. Kung Fu movie with vampires that do very little of what you typically expect vampires to do. And then part terrible Robocop rip off who does battle with the vampires.

Zombie Lake (1981) aka Lake of the Living Dead
French resistance kills German soldiers and throws them in a lake where they return several years later as zombies. Zombies have really bad green makeup. Slow moving and with an amount of nudity and sex that if you eliminated the zombie plot could pass for bad 80s Euro softcore porn.

Rifftrax: Terror at Tenkiller (1986 / 2014)
Only distinguishes itself from a lot of other 80s psycho killer movies by identifying the killer from the start. Good riffing throughout. Far better than most efforts over the last couple of years. 

The Aftermath (1982) aka Zombie Aftermath
Description promised cannibals and alternate title promised zombies
 I got neither (unless the mutants that appear briefly towards the beginning are supposed to be zombie cannibals-if so, they probably should have shot a scene of them eating someone instead of a scene with the mutants shot in the dark attacking and getting in a fist fight with the astronauts).
A year long space mission returns to Earth to find it devastated by a nuclear and biological war. Lots of voice over throughout that explains things that don't need to be explained. No fallout or ongoing health problems outside of the few mutants in one early scene. Sid Haig plays a typical Sid Haig vilian. Starts out like a low budget Planet of the Apes without apes and quickly transitions into a low budget Omega Man (without either's social commentary). Entertaining overall but drags in parts.

Rifftrax: Fever Lake (1996 / 2015)
As a movie, it was typical psycho killer fair with nothing to make it really stand out on it's own. As riffing material, it has Mario Lopez, Corey Heim, and an offensive American Indian sterotype-any one of which make for good riffing.

Rifftrax: The Bride and the Beast (1958 / 2014)
Didn't remember this one, but it was in my Rifftrax library as I was looking for my horror movie for the day and IMBD had it listed as a horror movie. Written by (but not directed by) Ed Wood. If it weren't for the IMDB listing, I'm not sure I would have thought of it as horror. The 2 most horrific things about it was the sexism and racism.

The Haunting of Hill House- 1st 3 episodes- Netflix “horror” series that got lots of good reviews.
Meh. Reviews promised jump scares. Didn’t even get them. At least the first 3 episodes were not scary at all and rather boring with stereotypes rather than characters. (I think the writers were shooting for “edgy” instead of stereotypes, but slightly twisting a stereotype and making that slight twist their only defining trait in addition to the stereotype isn’t any more interesting than the stereotype).

Walking Dead-1st 2 episodes of the current season.
Have the same problem with this season so far that I’ve had with the last couple of seasons (and the last few years of the comic) and that’s that it’s a lot slower paced than the early seasons. Don’t dislike it, but I always feel like I have to watch multiple episodes at once to see any real plot development. 

Terrifier (2017)
Currently being pushed on Netflix. Slasher movie with a killer clown. First 15 minutes or so OK, but then it gets too formulaic and there’s not even an attempt at a plot outside of “there’s a killer clown killing people” (i.e., no explanation of where the clown came from and why he’s killing people). Only good thing I could say about it was that it was better than Stephen King’s It (both versions), but I really hated Stephen King’s It. 

All Hallow’s Eve (2013)
Prequel of sorts to Terrifier. 3 shorts strung together with a babysitter on Halloween wraparound. Killer clown from Terrifier featured in 2 of the shorts and in the wraparound. Watched because despite not really liking Terrifier I still wanted an explanation of the killer clown. Still didn’t an explanation. Got 4 shorter versions of Terrifier with an alien in place of the clown in one of the shorts. Still better than It. 

MST3K:  812 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies (1964 / 1997)
Remember not liking this episode the first time or two I saw it. Had it on in the background as it was playing on Pluto TV one day recently and found myself laughing at when I was paying attention. Watched it will my full attention and while the movie itself is one of the worst movies ever featured, it’s a great riff. This and The Starfighters would make my list of top 10 episodes with the worst movies but best riffs.

Moontrap (1989)
Listed as sci fi, but I’d call it sci fi / horror as it has killer aliens. Stars Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell.
Walter Koenig’s acting is just as hammy as he was on Star Trek. Bruce Campbell plays the straight man to Walter Koenig’s action hero.
Space shuttle finds an orbiting alien spaceship and brings back an alien artifact and skeleton.
Silly and entertaining and one of my favorite bad movies that I’d love to see riffed someday.   

Moontrap Target Earth (2017)
Sequel to Moontrap that I knew was in production at one time but never knew it got released.
Sequel in name only. None of the same characters or returning actors and totally unrelated plot. While Moontrap was silly and fun, this one just sucked. A lot of huge plot holes, bad acting, and crappy cgi that would all make for a good riff, but pretty devoid of entertainment value without a riff.     

Rifftrax: Mutant (1984 / 2012)
We need more riffs of Wings Hauser movies.

Rifftrax: The Last Shark (1981 /2016)
There have been a whole hell of a lot of Jaws rip offs, but I’m not sure there was ever one that was a copied it closer than this one.
Rifftrax: The Bermuda Triangle (1978 / 2012)
This is a perfect example of why I hate Rifftrax’s current practice of cutting movies (and judging by their current model of trying to get releases in at around 75 minutes, about 40 minutes of this one would be cut if it were a new release). There are indeed large parts of this movie that would have been extremely tedious and boring except for the riffs, but the riffs during those parts were my favorite riffs in it.
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2018, 08:34:17 PM »
Hi! thought I'd pop my head back in for this  :)

Will add reviews later, maybe

1. Night of the Living Dead (Tom Savani version)

2. Final Girl

3. The Descent

4. You're Next

5. Hush

6. IT

7. The Woman in Black

8. The Orphanage

9. Blair Witch

10. It Follows

11. Evil Dead (remake)

12. The Babysitter

13. Susperia

14. Zombeavers

15. The VVitch

16. The Innkeepers

17. Misery

18. Oculus

19. Zodiac

20. Bone Tomahawk

21. Wolfman's Got Nards
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Re: October 2018 Horror Movie a Day
« Reply #7 on: October 15, 2018, 06:25:36 PM »
More reviews.

You Can't Kill Stephen King
A group of college students heads for a vacation in Maine in a town near where King is rumored to live. And then they begin to die in manners similar to those in King's work...

Eh, decent enough setup, not great execution. Again, the film suffers in that a good chunk of the cast falls into the "I don't really care if they live or die" camp. Otherwise, the film does a decent job ramping up the creepiness, as well as keeping the "who is killing them?" thing up in the air. And, also to be fair, the "killing them in ways derived from King's work" thing isn't evident until a couple of deaths as the film writers are using rather obscure King deaths rather than, say, siccing a rabid Saint Bernard on them. Instead it's "She died from eating sand, like in that sci-fi story in Night Shift where the astronaut crashes on a desert planet and it ends with him stuffing sand down his throat!" Okay, props there. Not a great film, but better than many.

The Wraith
A group of murderous auto racers are attacked by a mysterious vehicle...

Ah. I hadn't seen this since the 80s and I'd forgotten that it was pretty darn enjoyable. Featuring a young Charlie Sheen, a young Sherilynn Fenn, a still alive Nick Cassavettes (Oh. Apparently he's still alive now. Blast it, Dennis Leary. You made me confuse him with his dad), a still sane Randy Quaid, and Clint Howard cosplaying as "Kid" from Kid 'n' Play. Seriously, this is probably the worst hairstyle Clint Howard has ever had, and that's saying something. Anyway, ghost car shows up to haunt a gang of thugs at the same time as a mysterious stranger shows up in town... The plot is predictable. The ghost car is a tad overpowered and there's really not a lot that the gang can do to forestall the vengeance of the ghost car. If this was a straight horror film, the ghost car being in god mode might be an issue, but since this is more of a revenge film where the victims kinda deserve it, it's more allowable. Anyway, it's a fun little watch. No complaints.

A group of hookers goes after their pimp as he tries to close the biggest deal of his life. It goes badly and they end up taking the person he was making the deal with hostage. Unbeknownst to them, that person is the Antichrist...

Again, another film with a rather unlikable cast. You can make the Son of Satan empathetic, but this one? He sounds like he's doing a Matthew McConaughey imitation throughout the film. And his religious insights amount to "things a college freshman says in late night bull sessions." I'll give the writers some props. They do toss in a decent plot twists or two into the final act and there's a performance or two in here that are above the pay grade of the rest of the movie, but overall it's forgettable.

Tales from the Hood 2
Horror anthology with "urban" themed stories.

I'm going to keep this short and without a lot of context. The first "Hood" was a rather uneven mess with a mostly forgettable set of stories. This does not improve on the first film in any way. In fact, this film made me actively angry at the film makers. There is a decidedly creepy vibe through several of the stories (all from the same writer)  and by creepy I don't mean "spooky", I mean "Seriously, what is wrong with you?" I'll stop at this point except to say that Keith David is wasted in this. I strongly suspect he could have adlibbed stuff better than what he was given to say.  I do not recommend this in any way shape or form.

Five Headed Shark Attack
A five headed shark attacks Puerto Rico.

This is apparently the fourth in the "X+1 Headed Shark" series, which I was unaware of until now. It's a SyFy movie. It's not very good. (And the audio kept desynching as well, but I suspect that's not the film's problem.) I'll complement the film for making the Burke-type manager of the aquarium actually have a change of heart in the film, but it's still a very by the numerous monster movie. Also, you can barely tell the shark has five heads. Throughout most of the film, it seems to have 4, but apparently it has a head on its tail too.  Anyway, forgettable.

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories

A horror anthology filmed in Kentucky.

Okay, this one is odd. There's a movie in a movie in a movie.  Many of the stories shown have to do with a home being shown to prospective buyers. Mixed bag of shorts. Some work all the way through. Some have decent setups but lack resolution. Others just kinda happen. Still, overall it's a pretty effective set of scariness. This is apparently a sequel to an earlier "Volumes of Blood."

While on vacation in Singapore, a group of film students burn a paper camera as an offering to the dead. In response, the dead return them a film...

Another anthology, this one set in Singapore. A weird mix  of Asian horror themes, mixed with a bit of Westerness. The shorts all mostly work as does the overarching story. Side note- there's a reference to an "old show" in one short where a coin is on edge and gives someone great power. Having seen that Twilight Zone episode, I had to laugh.  Still, it's quite watchable.