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I'm WRITING a book.


So yeah, I've been working on this comedy adventure book called TIMECLOCK.

I had been working on a comedy audio play series (I have a good couple dozen episodes written) but production stalled due to lack of funds... So I picked up writing a different series, and then turned that into a book instead.

To keep myself on a writing schedule, I am posting sections up in a more serialized manner, akin to the old stories in the digests and newspapers... like Sherlock Holmes etc. That way I can write one or more posts worth a week, and still keep ahead of myself and not fall behind.

They are posted weekly on my blog (link in the banner) and the amassing story as it unfolds (all of what's up so far) can be found here:

The producer of my audio play series compared my writing style to John Swartwelder, which I found to be the biggest complement imaginable!!

It made me laugh and want to keep reading it, so good job.


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