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7-11 began this promotion about 20 years ago, but it has taken until just six years ago for the individual 7-11 stores to realize it even existed. Which is why David Letterman would often use it as a bit on his show. Someone claiming to be the CEO of 7-11 would come out to talk about the promotion, then up it by claiming other 7-11 menu items were also free. I think the story was that his writers, or perhaps Dave himself, tried to get a free Slurpee and was told the promotion didn't exist. I suspect they went to the 7-11 on 8th near 53rd. The guy who runs that place is notorious for refusing to honor 7-11 coupons, and last I checked two years ago, that location refused to give out free Slurpees on 7-11 day.  So many locations either opted out of the promotion, or didn't seem to know it existed, that the search for participating 7-11s became viral on social media. One YouTube video chronicled someone's quest to find a 7-11 that actually gave out free Slurpees, and after traveling to several locations, found one that was giving them away in a small Dixie cup. 7-11 finally started to feel embarrassed and cracked down. Free Slurpees are now mandatory at all locations. Non participants are to be reported via a 1-800 number ( which I currently can't find, but definitely existed a few years back, ) The company even distributes an ample supply of cups to each location, more than they could possibly run out of, so they all have no excuse.  And yet, many locations have come up with different ruses to opt out.

Working in Manhattan, Free Slurpee Day has become a bit like Christmas morning for me. Like pretty much everyone in the city who doesn't give a crap about their health, I spend the day traveling from location to location ( there is another one every 6 to 15 blocks in any direction, so it is impossible not to walk past a lot of them even when you are not looking for them ) grabbing another free Slurpee. It also helps that as for long as I can remember, the 11th of July has always been in the midst of a heat wave, so I am thirsty all day long anyway. I don't know if my goal is to see how many free Slurpees I can score, or to see how many flavors I can taste. Perhaps the biggest motivator is almost never being able to get the flavors I want, getting instead one of those horrendous novelty flavors I end up dumping in the trash, and hoping the next 7-11 didn't run out of Coke, Cherry, Sunkist, Grape or any of the other good flavors.  I tell myself I will stop as soon as I get sick, and the Slurpee is expelled from one end or another. But so far that has never happened. Mind you, a couple of years ago the 11th was on a Saturday, and I could not even be motivated to walk to the 7-11 on the edge of my neighborhood. My record is 9 Slurpees a few years back But how many I drink all depends on which part of the city my company sends me to on the 11th. This year it was Downtown Manhattan, Chinatown, Little Italy and parts of the village. I only managed to find 5 stores participating.

1st 7-11
Claimed their Slurpee machines were broken.  Both of them?? Looked like they opted out by unplugging both machines the night before.

2nd 7-11
There  was a long line at the Fulton Street 7-11. After five minutes I was within two people of the machine. Then a group of f&%king kids on a field trip stopped by. Hundreds of kids from some day camp all wearing the same yellow T-Shirt. The idiots running the 7-11 gave the kids their own line which was served instead of the normal people line. This went on for a good ten minutes. Apparently some of the kids even ran back to the end of the line for seconds. ( some eagle eyed people behind me on line spotted this and began to complain. ) One by one the kids used up the flavors until there was only blueberry left. After the last kid got his blueberry, the person running the Slurpee machine shut it down and told everyone it would take an hour until the new batch was properly chilled. A lot of angry people walked off. I was just pissed I wasted almost 15 minutes for nothing. But standing on line and the machines running out of fresh Slurpee is not uncommon.

2nd 7-11 again
Had a lot of work downtown so ended up being there nearly an hour later. Stayed on line for another 10 minutes, then the store once again announced they ran out of Slurpees and needed another hour to make a new batch. Once again got within four people of the machines. Never going to that place again.

3rd 7-11
Chinatown. I remember this place. Last year they claimed all their machines were broken and could not freeze the Slurpees. And yup, once again they were having the same problem this year. Same thing too. A worker would demonstrate the Slurpee machine was not working by opening it up and only watery liquid coming out. Either they don't know how to work the machines in that location, or they are dumping gallons of unfrozen Slurpee mix down the drain just to opt out.

4th 7-11
This one claims you need to buy a $1 hot dog to get a free Slurpee. Which is not true. But the people with kids had little choice. I wasn't going to pay for shit, so I walked out.

5th 7-11
Finally. But curiously the machines with the good flavors were "broken", and all that was available was the sucky specialty flavors. You know, you can move the mix into the working machines. But this store, along with a few others, were going to play dumb and only give away the crap flavors that they were trying to unload. The least offensive looking flavor was Deadpool. Yep, there is a Deadpool flavored Slurpee. Actually, it is Playdough flavor with a hint of cranberry. Which is probably why no one is buying the Deadpool flavored Slurpees.

6th 7-11
Here we go again. Another 7-11 that claims you need to buy a $1 hot dog to get a free Slurpee. But this store is more devious. The line winds around the back and then continues to the cash register. It is as you are about to walk out that an employee tells you that you need to buy a hot dog. Don't want a hot dog? Then the Slurpee will cost you a dollar. Fortunately for me and the others who didn't put their straw into the Slurpee yet, you can hand it back and leave. It was the suckers who began drinking the second after they got the Slurpee that were stuck having to pay a buck. "We can't take this back. You already drank it!" This is not the first year I have run into a scam like this, so I never put the straw in until I am about a block away from the store. The Slurpee I returned was a Coke.

7th 7-11
The hot dog scam again!!! At least an employee tells you this as you walk into the store.

8th 7-11
Unplugged slurpee machine. And they are saying the guy who runs the machine is out sick today>

9th 7-11
This store seemed honest. Unfortunately the Coke was still mixing. So i got myself a blueberry. This would be the only normal flavor I was able to get today.

10th 7-11
Back to the scam where the good flavors are in machines that are "Broken". In fact, the only flavor that was working was Pumpkin Spice. Which is what? Cinnamon with orange dye? Why do they even have this flavor out of season?

11th 7-11

12th 7-11
All the good flavors are in broken machines, again! So my option was Deadpool, Hot N Spicey Berry ( made the mistake of drinking that one last year, ) and Capn' Crunch Berry. It's blue, so I select that one. GOD DAMN IT! This stuff actually does taste like Capn' Crunch serial! I mean, I wold rather have this flavor on oat cereal than as a Slurpee, but I am impressed that it actually tastes like what it is suppose to.

13th 7-11
Lucky number 13?  NO. Hot dog scam again! And they claimed only three machines were working. 

14th 7-11
Unplugged machines. They are suppose to be broke.

15th 7-11
I guess I should count myself lucky that my travels had me walking past 15 of these stores. Now that one is a record. The previous record was 10 stores with only one opting out.  This one, once again only crap flavors. Deadpool, Kiwi or Banana. I take Banana because I have no freakin idea what Kiwi tastes like, and at least I know I like Bananas. I mean, it doesn't exactly work as a Slurpee, but at least I don't feel like chucking it in the trash.

New York City is on the verge of outlawing straws. If they do, I don't see how there will be another free Slurpee day next year. so this may be the last time I do this.
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