Author Topic: Are you a fan of MST3K AND Video games? Then Robot Co-Op needs your help.  (Read 1440 times)

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Hey there, so I want to start by saying I am in no way affiliated with the fine people of Agonywolf Media. This is literally just the efforts of a fan trying to help save his favorite Youtube channel.

Robot Co-Op is a beautiful combo of video game 'Let's Plays' and MST3K snark. Following the adventures of Commander Rick Wolf and his robotic buddies, the human loathing Topsy bot 5000 and the more laid back Flux Namtari as they pass the time ripping into video games as they remain trapped in the Cinema of Sorrow waiting out the zombie apocalypse.

The channel is the spin off from their original channel 'Agonywolf Media' that serves as their production label where the characters in Robot Co-Op began as a loving tribute to MST3K that even earned the blessing and praise of Micheal J. Nelson, a seal of quality to be sure. The channel has two video series the aforementioned Robot Co-Op, which features puppets and a tight good script with occasional clips and gag sketches, and Nobot Co-Op, a more off the cuff series that ditches the puppets but is still fast paced and full of snark.

Sounds like a great combo right? You'd think that this should be killer and these guys should be raking in the money while fending off hordes of attractive ladies and robot ladies with sticks. Why am I even hear singing their praise?

Well, that's the problem. Their not. YouTube, aka the Beast of a million views, has really been putting the screws to them and the channel hasn't been able to find it's footing. It's in real danger of being shelved.

I found this channel, originally when everything was on Agonywolf Media, at an incredibly low point in my life. It was the first time I had managed to genuinely laugh in a long while. The hard work and production these guys have put into this series has been an inspiration for me and helped pick me up out of a very dark place. If I could I would give these guys a million dollars each to make their dreams come true but seeing as I still haven't the won powerball, this is the best I can do. Spread the word of the awesome that is Agonywolf Media's Robot Co-Op.

I genuinely hope that this post reaches some people and you too enjoy something that's had a lot of heart and effort poured into it. Right below is the link to their channel Robot Co-Op. Thank you for reading this, fingers crossed it helps.

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the indifference of fellow riffers is defining most of the time and also the hostility that only mst people are allowed to riff and not considering other riffers is rather arrogant.