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Now Available - The House on Soroity Row
« on: May 18, 2018, 02:16:23 PM »

Whereas most slasher movies choose elderly, saggy retirement community members as their victims, The House on Sorority Row turns the genre upside down by instead murdering a bunch of attractive sorority girls!

When the evil and poorly dubbed house-mother Mrs. Slater discovers that her sorority girls are planning a party, she’s quick to cancel it. The girls respond in a perfectly reasonable manner: they force her into a swimming pool at gunpoint and pretend they’re going to murder her. (In their defense, the band they had hired had a non-refundable deposit.)

You’ll be surprised to learn that such a well thought out plan goes awry, and before you can say “I know what you did last summer” the girls are being picked off one by one by a mysterious killer with a clown obsession. Will any of them survive the night? Is Mrs. Slater really dead? And are we really meant to believe that a 23-year-old woman had a Garfield poster hanging up in her sorority dorm room? Find out when Mike, Kevin, and Bill riff the cult classic The House on Sorority Row!
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