Author Topic: Also Available - Berserker: Hell's Warrior and Son of Sinbad  (Read 362 times)

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Also Available - Berserker: Hell's Warrior and Son of Sinbad
« on: March 02, 2018, 03:04:23 PM »
So two releases slipped through the cracks in our airtight Announcements board system! If you're using this board as your main way of keeping up with Rifftrax, I apologize!

Berserker: Hell's Warrior

Berserker: Hell’s Warrior (not to be confused with Berserker: The Squeakquel) takes your standard Viking movie and adds a unique twist: total narrative incoherence!

This comes as a shock if you’ve seen any of the director’s previous work, such as previous RiffTrax Merlin: The Return (not to be confused with Merlin: Port of Call New Orleans), which is widely used in film classes to teach the arts of storytelling, cinematography, and how to humiliate actor Craig Sheffer.

Berserker: Hell’s Warrior tells the tale of two brothers who betray each other in the quest to win the love of the Valkyrie Brunhilde, thereby incurring the wrath of Odin, not to mention Irwin Troll and Gaylord Buzzard. What follows is a time-travelling mishmash that's the cinematic equivalent of reading a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book directly from front to back without actually choosing an adventure.

Will Boar remain a cannibalistic Berserker for all eternity? Will Barek encounter delightful fish out of water antics in modern day situations? Can Odin please just get thirty damn minutes of Odinsleep, he had a very long day hanging from Yggdrasil! Find out all these answers and more in Berserker: Hell’s Warrior!

Head writer
Mike Nelson
Additional contributors:
Conor Lastowka - Senior Writer
Sean Thomason - Senior Writer

Contributing Writers: Molly Hodgdon, Jason Miller, and Mike Schuster

Son of Sinbad

At some point, Howard Hughes found time in between meticulously cataloging his urine jar collection and forcing Smithers into the Spruce Moose at gunpoint to produce a film about the Son of Sinbad!

It stars, well… a guy named Sinbad! His son is nowhere to be seen! We are told that his father is also named Sinbad, but he does not make an appearance! Would it have been easier to just make the character Sinbad instead of the Son of Sinbad? Perhaps! But maybe this is the kind of confusion that arises when your executive producer is distracted with his many, many jars of urine.

Also appearing in the film is legendary Persian poet, astronomer, and mathematician, Omar Khayyam, who is of course played by noted Missouri native Vincent Price. We believe Price was only available because he’d foolishly turned down the role of T’Challa.

It’s a Sinbad movie, but unlike Shazaam, it’s very real, so join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for this RiffTrax of Son of Sinbad!