Author Topic: Now Available - Invasion of the Animal People  (Read 457 times)

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Now Available - Invasion of the Animal People
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:10:37 PM »


What do a furry monster terrorizing Lapland, a wrecked spaceship, John Carradine, and a beautiful skiing star have in common? Very little, as it turns out! Nonetheless, you’ll find them all in Invasion of the Animal People!

It’s fitting that a monster movie like this be stitched together, Frankenstein-style, from the parts of other films. Films that should have been left to rot in peace. A spaceship crashes in Sweden -- or maybe it’s Zurich, the piecemeal movie is pretty consistently inconsistent about what country we’re supposed to be in. Suffice to say, the less you know about Scandinavian geography, the more things will make sense. Anyway, the crashed spaceship kills some reindeer (that’ll teach them to taunt Rudolph) and so some people go to investigate it, and talk a lot, and occasionally we cut to John Carradine, the narrator, who talks even more.

But do we ever finally get to the titular Animal People? Yes! Well, no. But we do get one Animal Person, a hilarious monster straight out of the leftover inventory in the back of the Halloween store that sets up shop in your local abandoned Blockbuster every year. Spooky!
Strap on some skis and rip up your map of Western Europe, it’s time to join Mike, Kevin and Bill for Invasion of the Animal People!

Head writer
Mike Nelson

Additional contributors:
Conor Lastowka - Senior Writer
Sean Thomason - Senior Writer

Contributing Writers: Molly Hodgdon, Jason Miller, and Mike Schuster