Author Topic: List of Crap #107: Countdown to the Top 50ish Console Games of the 16-Bit Era!  (Read 22037 times)

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That really sounds like something that would be much more suited to be a PC game. Unless of course you had the option to play the game with the SNES mouse.

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There’s no actual point clicking, it’s just that style of puzzle solving. Cosmic Spacehead, which they also released had actual pointing and clicking with its platforming.

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Fantastic Dizzy?! Was that an Australian only release Edward?

It had a different name in the U.S.  I think they stretched it out to "The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy". And like Pak-Man said, as an unofficial game with a funny looking cartridge, it lacked popularity.  I did rent it from Blockbuster once.
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