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Now Available - Mind Ripper
« on: October 27, 2017, 03:20:19 PM »

In a remote bunker in the desert, unthinkable experiments are taking place. Experiments where horror legend Wes Craven sells his name and credibility to a movie in exchange for a writing credit for his son Jonathan!

In a slightly less terrifying experiment, some guys are also reviving a corpse. It does not go well. Sure, it’s your standard affront to decency and all that is holy, but it also has this gross long tongue that occasionally it’ll shoot into your brain. Hopefully it goes without saying that this abomination is named Thor and looks like Fabio.

It’s up to Lance Henriksen and his family to display complete ignorance of the situation, split up in defiance of all logic, and gradually get picked off one by one. Er, we mean, save the day! Join Mike, Kevin, Bill, and fortunately, no egregious nepotism for Mind Ripper!

Something you should know:
Rated R for violence, language, and a scene of improvised rap by Giovanni Ribisi