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Something for Halloween times.  Please note if content is not safe for work or is upsetting.

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Well, this particular content is PROBABLY work safe, with headphones.  I am simply putting the disclaimer to be safe...most will be okay.

Part of this is blatant self-promotion (I'll explain in a moment), but there is a Youtube series/podcast known as Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.  I stumbled across them a few years ago.  They are professionally voiced and recorded editions of various short horror tales, some Creepypasta, some classics, some originals, and the Simply Scary Podcast usually showcases two of them at once.

The following podcast does not feature me doing anything audio-related (though I do a LOT of it in my spare time), but the first story in this episode, Camper Appreciation, was written by me and won a previous contest of theirs.  It was produced in November of last year, but the stories in general would be good to listen to this month in particular.

If you like these, they have many, MANY more available to listen to.  One of their claims to fame is longtime collaborator Otis Jiry, who has an awesome voice, with just a touch of Louisiana charm.  He did not read my story, but his voice is very distinctive and he uses it well.

On the one hand, I am very happy to see the video itself has over 50,000 views, but I did hear that for some reason they had been hit with random and as far as I know completely unwarranted demonetization notices (I signed paperwork for my story, believe me, they get permission for stuff to use when they can), so I try to give them support and shout outs when I can.
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I'll keep that in mind.  That's my kind of thing.